Thursday, August 30, 2012

Color and Technology Musings

Close up of a rose in sunlight (not photo enhanced)

I have just been taking a moment to see what is newly posted on Pinterest. As I am scrolling down the pages, my eyes are stimulated by the vibrant color. The contrast and lighting is so beyond what is normally seen. (a link to my boards) I am new to Pinterest... and find very inspiring images.. (remember I LOVE pictures!)

Luscious moss in the forest (not photo enhanced)
Thinking to myself, I wonder how many of these have been color enhanced? Then, it has me wondering what impact will all of this have on the way we perceive color in our 3-dimensional world? Will we automatically detect color in our surroundings as more brilliant? Will we want more brilliant color in our home environments? Is the color we see enhanced on our computer screens creating a demand for more brilliant color in our textiles and print? Is this one of the factors of the popularity of the brighter colors in recent years?

Physiologically, will our ability to detect color change due to the enhancements available to us? My recent trip this summer, studying color, has me thinking if we spend more time on our computer than we do out in nature, we will definitely require more brilliant color in our homes and apparel. If however, we maintain our connection to nature, how will we perceive the green leaves and brilliant sunsets? Will our minds create the color enhancement for us? Will we evolve into seeing color more brilliantly, needing less light to detect the luminosity?

A serene sunset at Lake Harriet (not photo enhanced)
How does technology impact the way we see color? Recently Leatrice Eiseman posted on the neutrals, beige and taupe and the popularity they gained in the 1920's and specifically, Elsie de Wolfe's impact.  Did the acceptance of these tones coincide with the availability of film and entertainment? After all, more and more people were able to experience 'moving' pictures.. with color not being first seen until 1939 by mass audiences. (The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind) People spent their free time and escape from reality going to movies.. how many of us use the computer to escape and/or break from reality.. Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, etc.? While a great way to stay connected, would you pick up the phone and call someone every five minutes to tell them where you are for dinner? There is staying connected and distraction.. would you pick up the phone every 5-minutes to share with people where you are for dinner? Doesn't it rather detract from the experience you ARE having, if you remove yourself from the presence of your experience to comment on it at the time you are having it?

Just a curios thought that came to mind, how our world is changing and how conscious are we of directing those changes.. any comments? What do you think? 

Painting upstairs is done!

The living room is painted! I am so happy to see those red walls go. The room size and exposure was not conducive to the depth of the wall color. I have happily painted all four walls, Revere Pewter. A Benjamin Moore color, pearl finish (I love BM pearl finish-there is more depth than an eggshell and not as much sheen as a semi-gloss.)

The hallway is painted the dark chocolate brown. It is almost a black brown. The artwork is perched against the walls where it is to be hung and this weekend that will happen.

Same with the living room. Pictures to be hung this weekend and the bookcases from downstairs are coming up. They are the bookcases that I painted a deep black/purple and silver leafed the face frames. The ultimate goal is to silver the sides as well, however, that will happen later, maybe even the next place.

Lovely little vintage chairs are coming tonight. Ideally, I would like them in the Living room, I will see if I can make it work.

There are no photos today of the progress as, it is all still a mess of boxes..

This afternoon, I will continue painting downstairs. Three of the four walls are done and I have edged the floor on the back wall. The floor is Glidden concrete Swiss Coffee. I just couldn't bring myself to do a darker gray, it is already rather dingy down there with the exposed ceiling. This way, I can keep it clean, as I will see anything on it.. (i.e. creatures coming at me...although they have been hanging out on the walls)

We may set up a stereo downstairs too. This apparently keeps the many legged's away... I have heard from several sources... Thank you sources!

I will have to learn to work with noise myself. I like to have it quiet when I working, although some projects require a bit of -swing! That would be good, I have a good collection of appropriate music..

Well, sorry for the lack of photos. I just wanted to let everyone know how the progress is coming along.  I found my tape measure and this weekend will go in search of the appropriate fabric for the windows. Next week there will be a post on measuring tips and accuracy, hardware and fabric selection.. These are the steps to proper window dressing design..

Later Peeps.. have a great weekend... 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Transforming a house into a home

Bathroom and closet doors in the hallway
Today, I am going to paint the hallway. I found a beautiful deep brown, that the current homeowner fell in love with when I showed it to her. The hallway is a small area and these areas are perfect for dark and or dramatic colors. HouseMate (HM) and I found a longer pull chain for the vintage light in there.  I doubt the owner or previous ones ever turned that light on as the chain was only a few inches long... and the ceilings are not quite 9' - maybe... my last place the ceilings were 113". They are definitely more than 8' here... but my tape measure is still missing, hiding out... most likely thinking this game of hide and seek is very funny, snickering quietly to itself in the little pocket of darkness it has found.

There is so much to do here and I know the hallway isn't the most practical, but it will feel like something is done.

Yesterday, I painted the wall by the kitchen window with the same paint that the homeowner has everywhere in there. Paint budget ran out.

Bathroom door and the disaster of my room off to the corner.. 

There are still boxes to unpack, HM and I need to go through kitchen stuff, purge and repack and label better then determine storage options. Oh, an I found one of the creepy creatures in one of my kitchen drawers yesterday. It decided to hide between the blender lid and the juicer plunger.. all of which have been throughly cleaned again. From my research the creatures eat spiders.. I have vacuumed up a great deal of spider webs in the basement, I suppose it has migrated to find better eatin's, I don't know what it thought it would find in the kitchen. I did a hands and knees cleaning on the floor, wiping out cracks and crevices of webs, spider 'debris'  and dog hair, so there isn't going to be much to eat for the creatures. I really don't want to see them.. they can take care of spiders for me... I just have a hard time working in the same space as them.. I wish that we had different shifts... they can work by night, which they are supposed  to be doing.. but I see them in the daytime... ok, enough about them.. this is a post about painting.. maybe they will not like the new paint... no, they still dance across the newly painted walls in the basement... HM says they will be addressed this weekend.. ok!
hallway and selected artwork
After the weekend, I will post interior photos of the little house by the river. This week is about transforming it into a home. The hallway will be done and artwork will be hung... that is the best way to personalize a space.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Creative inspiration in the News

This morning I had two new things in my inbox... that are dear to me, albeit, tucked away on a very packed shelf at the moment.

Remembering my trip to Bainbridge Island and color training with Leatrice Eisememan, a color connection of shared passion and knowledge.

Here is a link to the story about Leatrice Eiseman's home Enjoy reading about her charming farmhouse and her passion for color... she is an inspiration to me and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to participate in her training week on the island.. a truly inspiring business model for me..

The other passion I am chomping at the bit to gain practice at is the following story of Spoonflower.
I also had the opportunity to learn with Steven Fraser, co-founder of Spoonflower earlier this spring. The result of that was the ever patient cherry fabric for the vintage apron... soon, I will get back to that!

I am committed to completing the apron before the end of september. There isn't much left on it, a few hours at best. It is just setting up the sewing space right now. There is a great deal of painting to be done in the basement studio for it to be a comfortable place to work. I am less than crazy to share it with the many legged creatures that lurk around down there in the whatever hours of the day they decide to stroll around ... EEK! And they are BIG ONES!! -Nope, not going to gross any one out with a picture of them.  I wouldn't want anyone having nightmares!

As you probably can tell, there is no shortage of inspiration for me and the greatest challenge is knowing where to put my time and energy. The distractions of life seem to get in the way... This week is about unpacking... next week, is another focus... TBD! -Oh, and those curtains are a must.. by the end of September as well... I seem to have lost my tape measure... :(

It may have fallen in a box... they are everywhere! (not tape measures- boxes. Hmm, I used to have lots of tape measures (4 or 5)... I wonder where they have all gone?

How do project inspirations occur for you? How do you choose which ones to pursue? Do you schedule time for them, or do you do them -oh, whenever.... ? At what point do they become work for you? or do they always remain an enjoyment, a respite from daily life and life surprises?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Curtains in Order, determining Criteria and Design options.

Good morning, it is Thursday morning and I am exhausted, the sky is gray and the traffic is busy outside my windows.

All of my windows in my little house have woven wood blinds on them. I like woven woods, although, they are dark and not necessarily the first choice for myself, I appreciate that they have style and texture and match the natural woodwork quite well.

Woven woods in my bedroom
There are some milk chocolate colored hobbled roman shades in the Living room on the side windows, the problem is the two front big windows have NOTHING on them. So when my housemate, buses and cars get going in the morning often before me (about 4AM) I feel a bit like I am in a fish bowl!

There are many things to take into consideration when designing window treatments.
The first question to ask is: Will these need to function or will the window dressing be purely functional?

In this case: I need them to function, they must provide privacy.

Will they stay permanently closed?
No, I want to be able to open and close them.

Where will I put the hardware?
The wood window trim is ALWAYS the LAST OPTION if there is no place else to mount the hardware! These windows have beautiful original woodwork and I am renting this house, most likely the walls are plaster, so if I don't need to go into the walls either that is preferred.

The hardware will be inside mounted. Because the woodwork is natural and the house was built in 1926, I will use a brass rod with tension mount ends, a very classic material and the brass will be less of a contrast with the wood than white would be.

The green arrows indicate where the drapery will go.

Because I need the treatment to open and close, ROD POCKETS are NOT an option. Many people choose rod pockets because they are easy and often times available ready made. With my background in window treatments and design, ready made does not find its way into my house. So that option is out as well. Another post will sing the praises of custom window treatments and compare them to other options... there are some I would consider... but that IS another post.

Rod pockets are for stationary panels only. For the pocket to fit snugly around a pole and look like a permanent part of the decor of a room, the drapery do NOT easily slide across the pole. If the pocket is made looser, the panels do not stay in place in the open position, they creep to the center and flatten out. Rod pockets in a situation like that tend to look home-made, cheap and easy.

So, what else is available? Rings, pleated drapery on rings. I will do an specialty pleat on small brass rings on a brass rod.
A quick 5 minute sketch of a possible concept.

 A 3/8" brass rod is classic. Because the rod will be inside mounted and temporary for the time we are here, I will use a 3/8" brass rod, with spring tension ends. The rod will need to be custom made, however, they are not terribly expensive and will be perfect for the windows in the Living room and the Bedroom. I will also do a small cafe curtain for the kitchen nook. The window faces east and sometimes bright morning sunlight may need to be filtered.

I may scallop the tops. There will be something different and decorative about each of them, however, they will be consistent in look from the street view.

Because they are inside mount, they will be sill length. This will also require the least amount of fabric.

Now I am excited to start going through fabric... purge and play... get rid of one-third,  one-third for projects in the next 10 months  and the last one-third is stash.
The one-third to keep are projects that I have everything I need to get them completed in the next ten months. The stash needs to be accessible for filler if I run into something I need to substitute, but no new fabric can enter my possession for 10 months. This new rule does not include muslin for fitting, draping or structural requirements. Notions are only allowed on an as needed basis.. oops sorry, getting ahead of myself..

Just one of the many totes filled with fabric, these are silk, most likely not going use  silk, maybe a nice linen....or linen blend.

I will post some fabric options from the stash in a future post. I want these curtains done and hung up no later than the end of September. This is a tentative date and I will need to schedule my plan... next post on this topic will be measure the windows and specify the hardware.

As always, you can count on the process being documented here... often times creativity is born out of necessity...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A day of New Friends...

Yesterday, I allowed myself to meet with some new friends. Others, who share my passion for sewing and Fabric!

My friend, P.D. who will soon have a blog of her own, may become a recurring character in my blog world cast of characters... she has already played a part, see the link after THIS post to go to THAT post. (there must be an easier way to do that, I just haven't figured it out yet)

Anyway, back to the day yesterday. It was a gorgeous day and J. H. presented a lovely Swedish style lunch of open faced sandwiches, a beautiful vegetable salad and refreshing summer wine, as well as a Swedish Zoft (I believe that is what she called it) made with currants.

We sat out on the patio under the umbrella all afternoon and talked sewing, buttons, inspirations, challenges, opportunities, fears, challenges, it was a glorious afternoon!

It is the type of community that I exactly want to create with this blog!

We all left the day feeling inspired, validated, refreshed and excited to have new delightful group of people to share sewing and creativity with.

I wish I would have gotten permission to photograph the beautiful day and the presentation of the delicious lunch to share with you all. You will just have to take my word for it.

Think green, sunshine, birds, chipmunks and a cat. Add vintage buttons, fabric swatches, photocopies of pattern envelopes, laughter and a great collaboration of ideas! EG shared her challenges and triumphs, what a wealth of fabulous ideas and innovation that woman has! I am fortunate to have found such talented souls to play with! That is what the day consisted of.

These are not JH's sandwiches, but her's were very similar..

The summer wine... very refreshing indeed

We have all agreed that once a month is a great opportunity to meet, share ideas and progress!
Now, I have a garage full of boxes I need to get out and sort!

Have a beautiful August afternoon... wherever you are... seek out like-minded people and you will believe in things that you never dreamed possible.. especially yourself! It is the most empowering thing you can do for YOU!

Vibrant Threads: Sewing Lessons Resume

Vibrant Threads: Sewing Lessons Resume

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Halves, and Halves NOT!!

I am in the new house and ALL of my things arrived on Sunday!

Furniture made it into the house, well, some it and some of it will go right back out! There was very little time to clean and get the painting done... that will be done before the end of the month, BEFORE any new projects are started.

Living room- red side, wall repair was finished days before move in-painting is definitely necessary! The wall color will become much more neutral. I prefer a calming living room for relaxing, reading, quiet conversation or a movie. The room is much too small for the intensity of this red!
Sunday night was melt down night.. it was not pretty... !! I feel better today. My side of the garage is packed almost solid with boxes. I am not committing to, however, I am planning to downsize my possessions by 1/3 in the next 10 months. So, be on the look out for some cool things that I will be sending off... future posts will have details as to what will be happening to it all and how.. I will most likely commit, but I have to let go of the fear and frustration first.

There are some shelves out there that need to be dewebbed and cleaned to go into the basement, for right now, I think I will set them up in the back yard for sorting boxes. They just cam off the truck and into the garage...

My bedroom is HALF the size of my old one! I loved the size of that bedroom. This one is tiny. 11 x 9
I don't think I ever had a bedroom that small, well, maybe my first apartment in college and that was a short amount of time.

With the bedroom being HALF the size, my closet is also, HALF the size and the other one was nothing to be excited about. So, the clothes need to be gone through. My dad said on saturday as he was loading up the Denali to bring the things I had at their house, "You have more clothes than I do!"

My 10 year old niece was staying at their house too, so she brought them all into my room. She said,
"Wow, you have a lot of clothes!" followed by a huge smile and "a girl can NEVER have too MANY clothes!" She loved the attic space that is accessed from my room, she was coming up with all types of clever uses for the space. Mostly just a place to hang out and ... be creative.

Still needs work and the color has to change, I prefer something more vibrant to wake up to! 
So after the melt down, frustration and anger that showed up sunday evening, I began sorting clothes as I emptied the bags. Here is the first pass, I already know of three things in there that I want to pull back out. I will allow myself that. Purging when one is angry is not a good idea, there tends to be a great deal of regret and resentment that hangs on in its place. I would rather have the stuff, than that emotional nagging! Nonetheless, a great deal of things in this pile, remind me of who I was, the girl in transition, now at a new place and starting a new path.

First pass at purging clothes... there are a few keepers in here still. 
There have been a great deal of enterprising new ideas that have germinated over the last month and HALF! I will be further developing and sharing them as they begin to emerge and evolve into their own identity.

Basement plan needs revision! 
Bathroom walls- same as before, missing the turquoise ceiling!

As always, thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


As moving day approaches, I am grateful for so many things..

I have had some wonderful opportunities! I was able to spend time with my parents. I have experienced how much I am loved and supported by my friends and family. I have had some time off from projects. Although, some of them not by choice.

I was able to continue my education and do something for ME! The Color Training course with Eiseman and Associates was a great respite from the turmoil of the summer. A beautiful place to spend time (Bainbridge Island) and immerse myself in my favorite PASSION-Color, with the leading expert in the field!

I am grateful for the time I have been able to spend learning new things. New things about myself, some that I am not so thrilled about, but, will continue to work on. I had the opportunity to spend time with my computer and really work on this blog. I have done research, found some blogs that I find truly inspiring (not sure how to share all of that yet) This is a work in process.

Happily, I was able to add pages to this yesterday! Now I must figure out how to get older posts to their appropriate page... any ideas?

I am grateful to have found such a great place to live! The neighborhood is great... 2 blocks from the river and 6 blocks from the Riverview Theater. (a lovely little vintage neighborhood theater!)

I am grateful for all of the help and support my readers have offered and provided for me. Thank you!

There is a big weekend ahead for me. Today will be spent painting the basement. I have some traveling to do... back into Minneapolis... so, for now I am signing off. There most likely will not be a post tomorrow... maybe not until next week. Internet is scheduled to commence on the 21st. I may find a hot spot here or there to check e-mails etc... however... that is as far as my technology is able to take me. I know I could do a mobile post... just don't have the time right now to learn that... it will go on my list of  things to learn... THAT is getting to be quite a long list!

Happy weekend to you all and I am grateful for your readership.... XO

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Designing the layout of a studio

A reader's comment inspired further investigation of the post Preliminary Studio Layout. As I worked out the preliminary space plan, I realized, I did not have accurate information as to where the electrical outlets are! This could be a problem, as sewing machines, sergers and lamps all take electricity. I knew there were washer and dryer outlets, usually they only service the dedicated appliance. So that source was off limits.

As it is an UNfinished basement.. the outlets could be anywhere and Nowhere! So, on sunday when we went to get the keys, I checked it out. Most of the electrical was concentrated in the corner where I had originally set up the sitting area. The way I had it originally, my sewing machine would be in the darkest part of the basement.

Here is my thought process.

Laundry work station
Starting from the left as one enters the space, is the laundry room. That is the main function of the basement and after further 'paying attention' the laundry tub and a utility cabinet take up the remainder of that wall. The space between the washer and dryer will house the cabinet that used to keep my baking items in the kitchen. The dehydrator also lived on top of it. Now laundry soap, iron and related items will belong in there. The drop leaf vintage formica table also from the old kitchen will be centered with a bright vintage table cloth and refinished vintage chairs that currently look like this.

Laundry table chairs.. need some work.. 
This will function as a laundry folding area and a work desk for my laptop. Entering data into Quickbooks (once I get that set up, a bit of overwhelm going on with that one) and then filing into the file cabinets.

Mom has two bright pink file cabinets. I remember thinking, oh, those are pretty for such a utilitarian object, they would brighten up the basement! She asked the other day if I would like them. I said yes, not knowing where I would put them, but knowing I would find a place. The other file drawer, an Ikea piece, will go next to the chimney. There is an area near the furnace that it will nestle nicely into. Directly behind that area will now become the storage area. There will be some exercise equipment there as well, not sure how inspiring that is, it will definitely evolve as I use the space.

The storage area close to the washing machine and the small table is a good location, as when I bring fabric home (I should make a rule that I can NOT bring any more into the space for the next 10 months, although, I am not sure I am ready to commit to that right now) I wash it and press it, so it is ready for whatever I am going to make with it. My paints and other things can also go in the utility cupboard.
storage area, something tells me it will look much different!

What was going to be the storage corner because I thought it would be the darkest and farthest corner of the basement is now going to be the sitting area. There is my friend's sofa that we need to keep somewhere, so it will be here. My grandfathers chair will also live down here, with the barrister bookcase. In this bookcase will be my fabulous library of Art books, Sewing books, Interior Design Books et al.  So, there will be lamps on tables and a cozy area for curling up and being inspired.
Sitting area to be inspired and research material

The area from there is the creative table and pair of Ikea 'Alex' file drawers. The bookcases that I repainted last summer will keep in process projects and other items of interest.
Work table and pink file cabinets 
Next where the sitting area was going to be, is the area where the most electrical outlet concentration is. This is where my sewing cabinet will be. It will be visible from the stairs as one enters the basement. Incentive to put things away when I am done with them. We'll see how that goes.
Sewing cabinet and computer desk
And finally the computer will stay where it is. It is my friend's desktop computer, so keeping it easily accessible and near a 'quick exit'  was important to my plan. I didn't want him to have to navigate my labyrinth of work stations to get to his.

We had talked of it going up into his bedroom, however, I don't think there will be much room for that. The bedrooms are really small, I am taking the smaller of the two. Mostly because it faces east. I had an east facing bedroom growing up, it just seemed the natural one for me to pick. The attic access is in that room as well.. so maybe an expansion of sorts... ?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Moving Week

There is much to do this week. We received keys yesterday and can start moving things in. Saturday is the official date!

Wednesday, the plan is to seal the basement walls and give them a fresh coat of paint. While the basement isn't as weird, musty and dark as the one I just came from, the walls and floor are a bit dingy.

Beautiful grays, the walls will be Swiss white, as mentioned before and the floor will most likely get painted a deeper grey tone. I would like to see the hand rail an almost charcoal black.


Words can not describe how excited I am to start putting things away and setting up a whole new lifestyle routine.. if only for 10 months. It will give me a better perspective on what needs work... myself most likely is the answer.

A friend of mine told me today, she realized, how she relates to her body is how she relates to the world. This was such an eye opening statement to me... it makes perfect sense. Eating healthy, exercise, all of that is important, however, relating to oneself, physically is very important.. for me, one of the easiest ones to neglect and often times down right  AVOID.

Winged Victory of Smithorace.-Louvre-France.
No more.. celebrate the body, it is after all the receiver by which we experience everything else in this life experience. And my body is in desperate need of attention from myself!
Healthy, wholesome, organic food and regular sewing for me will do... the blog will change again in a few weeks as it evolves, it is after all a reflection of me... finding my voice.
yummy pears!

yummy cherries! Look at these colors!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Past, the Present and the Future

Yesterday, my mom and I went Antiquing. It was great fun. There are some really great Anitique shops in Buffalo. Many were closed, the hours are thurs-sunday... nice hours.. window peeking warrants another trip. 

We did go into Annie’s Attic. A shop that has been there for many years.. I have found some great treasures at Annie’s Attic and this adventure did not disappoint either. 

I chose to focus on vintage paper... patterns, needlework magazines, home magazines, etc. in the 20’s-60’s is my chosen era, although, she did share with me a magazine from 1886 that is truly fascinating! We picked that up too. 

A beautiful lifestyle magazine for ladies in 1886

There were also treasures that I left behind. Pieces that inspired me and I knew, I would not do anything with other than reference it. So I photographed it. There are vintage dresses, and some actual peices of applique that were very nice. 

The goodies I have will provide fascinating blog posts for many months to come, as we hit a jackpot today and the inspiration will continue to flow. Stay tuned for details of the intriguing articles on color and decorating from the 1930’s!

This is something fascinating from the Singer Company that I will talk more about later! Inspiring!

Magazines with lifestyle tips, patterns, instructions, recipes, advertising and fashion! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Preliminary Studio Layout

 The design studio layout has been underway for a few weeks now and I finally have some screen shots of the preliminary floor plan.
An overview from behind the steps. 
I have sectioned off the unfinished basement based on the tasks that I do in a creative space. This will be great as the basement of this house is the same square footage as the entire space that I had been living in before.

Mixed media and draping area
 The laundry area has a table and chairs, a cart between the washer and dryer and a garment rack next to the washer or dryer (I am not sure which is which and I see I forgot to put in the laundry tub) I can tweak it when I get there.. the drop leaf craft table is an additional cutting table if I need it. There is also room for the dress form.. I plan on utilizing this much more for apparel sewing and weight management.
Cutting and layout, sewing cabinet and Materials storage
 This is the back corner, here is where the totes of materials are to be stored. The long table is for cutting out larger yardage and the black cabinet is my sewing machine cabinet. The long table will also double as my pressing table, with the pressing board on top.
Laundry table and work table
 The ikea storage drawers under the table hold all print making and cutting tools for sewing. It is handy having them right there as well as the ability to roll them out for additional work space.
sitting area and computer workstation
This is the area for sitting and looking at magazines, books and other inspiring materials. A place for preliminary research and project defining.

That is what I have so far. I am very excited to be able to have this space, even if it is only for 10 months. It is definitely an upgrade from the work space I had before.. I will be ready to learn pattern drafting in October, maybe even September depending on how things fall into place.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cows, Roosters and Bunnies in the Country!

This weekend, still out in 'the country'.  Saturday, drove back to Annandale from St. Cloud. There is a little Antique store on the way. I have wanted to stop many times, but never took the opportunity. So, Saturday afternoon, on the way to mom and dad's house. My friend and I stopped.

I will definitely do an upcoming post about it.  It is a charming antique shop. Limited hours, but great stuff! Everything is very clean, not a dusty, dirty, find it and clean it type of place. There are antiques, vintage and some newer hand made things. All is nicely displayed there are a few things there that I absolutely COVET! Watch for an upcoming post about it.. it has to do with one of my favorite fashion designers!

The other thing I did Sunday afternoon, was go to the Benton County Fair. We had been talking about fairs with my parents and I said I liked to go into the animal barns. I do.. I love to see the animals. Touch them, watch them.. they are fascinating to me. So, when we arrived back in St. Cloud, my friend asked if I would like to go.

There were four animal barns, lots of food vendors and live music playing. I hadn't been to a county fair since I was a kid and went to the Anoka County Fair.

My favorite part was the Poultry-Pigeon-Rabbit Barn. I had NO IDEA there were so MANY exotic chicken breeds out there! And the Rabbits! Even the pigeons and geese were interesting to see.


Of course I was immediately drawn to the color on some of these birds! WOW! The iridescent feathers and the color combinations were beautiful. 

The rabbits! I had never seen such varied textures and ears on bunnies before. Several of them really did look like velveteen rabbits! Quite lovely! Their color was not black, not brown, and not grey, but a combination of all.
A Velveteen Rabbit, more like a silk velvet rabbit! So soft!

 Feathers and fur, beautiful textures and such personalities!

It was quite a fun thing to do for a couple of hours on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.