Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Beginning of the Reformation and the Fabric Revelation!

The blog is reforming. Yesterday, I spent the day sorting through 4 totes of fabric. Photographing the contents and determining the use of the stash. Each tote has been assigned a type of sewing.

There are Home Decorating fabrics, some with a purpose, some, without... yet. Some I let go of, I did not photograph those. I most likely will, so I don't hunt for them later.

Then I went through apparel sewing. Ultimately, I would like to pair the patterns with the fabrics. Some fabrics I don't have a pattern for, but an idea in my head. I will have to enlist the talent and skill of my friend Edith for those projects.

The new pages that have appeared showcase the photos of the fabrics I have photographed. As this library of photos grows, the blog template that I am using will most likely have to change as well... it is really tricky getting a gallery of photos on this particular template.

The categories for my sewing are:

You may have other types of sewing that you do. Get as specific as you like. I find my 'collections' of fabric is quite large, so I have attempted to break it down into smaller, more manageable bites. 

I have found photographing the vast number of things in my various collections, from wardrobe, to fabric, has been cathartic. There are clothes, fabrics, patterns and yes, even magazines that I am attached to. I am just not ready to let them go. But I also don't want to move a bunch of stuff that I never use and could never possibly enjoy the presence of. It all goes into storage if I am not using it. 

Photographing the items, and then cataloging them onto the blog, I can see how they all relate to each other. The orphan pieces really stand out. Other pieces, seeing them in a photograph, lose their appeal. It is true that a photo will never do justice to the real thing. But the objectivity... I have found this most true with photographing things from my wardrobe. The 100 photos I took of clothes on my dress form, inspired me to focus on my body and my weight. (This is the whole purpose of all of this!-That is the Revelation)

I can see on the dress form, that some items of clothing, do not reflect me, I am not that person anymore. I have transitioned away from her. While, some articles of clothing are such an accurate expression of me, I get excited and giddy about the thought of wearing those things again. My confidence is directly related to how I feel about myself. How I feel about myself is directly related to how I take care of myself... it is a vicious cycle. Jump in at any time. 

My sewing is an extension of my wardrobe. I have released so many items of clothing that I have sewn over the years. Some of which I regret. I do not want to regret anything. I want to integrate the fabrics into who I am now and who I am becoming. Sharing their beauty with the world and the transformation of a flat two dimensional piece of artistry, into a three dimensional form. Dressing myself or dressing my home, it doesn't matter.  Passion for fabric is in the air that I breathe. 

Planning another purge this afternoon... 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Inspiration & Reference 2 -Magazines

Inspiration & Reference 2 -Magazines

Magazines, I have to force myself not to look at them in the stores, I don’t get subscriptions any more. They are so hard for me to throw away. I find that magazines are the most beautiful source of photography and the good ones are timeless. 

Magazines are trendy. They are a snapshot of our culture, society and time. The information becomes dated rather quickly, however, becomes invaluable as a timecapsule. Even the paper that is used, indicates something about the readership and their values.  

From time to time, I take on the MAJOR task of weeding through the magazines I have acquired and pull the inspiring photos and articles (sometimes the information really is timeless, most however is reporting on a trend) I have many flat boxes from Ikea with magazine clippings in them. Someday I will do something with them, I don’t know what... collages, style boards, I have even considered covering a small table with different magazine photos and glazing the heck out of it. 

Some Magazines, I don’t tear apart. This happens when the valuable content (at least what is valuable to me) is more than 2/3s to 3/4s of the magazine. It is just easier to keep it intact for storage and retrieval than to take it apart. 

This however is an area that I must become more disciplined with. 

I have the first five years of every issue of Victoria Magazine when it debuted in 1987. (I think it was ’87, I am upstairs as I write and will need to reference that to be sure)

I am considering selling them off. They are vintage now. But then again.. the photography is so beautiful! 

I also have many issues of Threads magazine. I have considered getting the archival DVD’s and this may happen. But there is something about a magazine. Maybe I should, then keeping others will be less of an imposition on my space. 

Here is a list of magazines that I keep:

  1. Magazines
    1. Threads
    2. Victoria
    3. Artful Blogging
    4. Where Women Create
    5. Creative Studios
    6. Vintage Shelter
    7. Vintage Needlework
    8. Shelter
    9. Furniture & Furnishings
    10. Mixed Media
    11. Catalogues

Some are still just catagories, like vintage shelter magazines. I love to review these. In my design practice, it is important to me to preserve the historical and design integrity of a home. Understanding the purpose of certain elements assists me in bringing it into the modern day and repurposing for contemporary lifestyle. 

Feel like you are drowing in creativity yet? I do. And this is just the beginning.. But we will keep going. 

Do you keep magazines? Do you have a ritual around the arrival of the latest issue? Be aware of this ritual, we can incorporate it into the flow of your creative space. What magazines do you keep? 

How many magazines are you comfortable keeping on hand? How do you store them? I have magazine binders from Ikea, red, white, black and some wood ones that I plan to do something decorative with... maybe cover with magazine photos... 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Inspiration & Refernce -Books

Welcome back! I have been busy... There is a new facebook page for Shelly's Design Studio, so if you are on Facebook,( check it out.. There are also some new changes on the website, the link is at the bottom of the page. 
How is the creative assessment coming along for you? I have been busy working on details to make things more organized and will continue to post the progress. On to the next challenge. 

Now that you have an idea of the creative interests you have, let’s move on to the books. 

Do you have books scattered all over your home? Do you have a dedicated space for your creative reference and inspirations? 

Start here. 

Gather all of your books, at least the creative ones, into one area. What types of books are they? Sewing, painting? 

Here is a list of the books by type or subject that I have. 

  1. Books
    1. Sewing
      1. Quilting
      2. Soft Furnishings
      3. Fashion
      4. Other
    2. Decortive & Faux Painting
    3. Weaving
    4. Color
    5. Art & Style
    6. Bookbinding
    7. Tile/Tile Making/Mosaics
    8. Printmaking
    9. Digital & Computer Media
    10. Needlework
    11. Interior Design
    12. Drawing
    13. Calligraphy/Script & Typography

They are not in order of importance or by order of number of books. Right now they are on my bookcases, by subject and physical size of the books and how that relates to the shelves. Some of the books that are too tall, are flat on the shelf, rather than upright. I find this gives a more interesting look to the bookcase. It makes it more approachable. It looks used, relaxed and comfortable. A horizontal line does indicate relaxation. Not to mention, it is just practical. Some books are contained within bookends, while another shelf has a mirrored glass bowl. 

Eventually, all of my creative books will be together. I do have some technique books downstairs in the studio. They have yet to be organized. 

Books will have a wealth of ideas as far as tools and supplies in many of them. So, when we get to that step, you will begin referencing for workspace and storage set up. 

Have fun gathering your books, allow yourself some time to get sidetracked and if there is something that really inspires you, write it down... it might not be a bad idea to create a journal as you go through this process. For me, the blog is my journal, helping me to keep it all together, not repeat the same steps (I do that a lot! Circles, I can do many circles!)

Let me know how your progress is going. Have you any questions along the way? Please comment or share what works for you.. enjoy the process. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Creative Interests Assessment- How to.....

My creative interests run deep and wide. There are many tasks that my creative space has to accomodate effieciently and effectively. The first step in assessing your needs is to look at what your creative activities are. 

Now, we are not stagnant creatures, being the creative that we are, so there may be areas to explore and discover. It is important to give some thought to what these aspirations are. 

There are also activities in which we partake more often than others. Some activities may be seasonal. (or it may be wise to consider seasonal activities for trying to fit it all in) 

This is the beginning of sorting it all out. If there is overwhelm in the area of creativity, this may be a good starting point. Everything will build from this exercise. 

The first thing to do is to sit down and make a list of what your creative interests are. What do you always find time to do to express your creativity? What do you wish you had time for? What do you wish you had space for? 

This activity has a few advantages. It will show you:

  1. What you are currently doing
  2. What you are wanting to do
  3. What inspires you?

In the discovery of what you are currently doing, you can then assess. How is that working. What gets in your way? Do you have limited time? Do you need to dedicate a permanent space to your creative expression? Or is your creative expression portable? Hand sewing? Drawing? Digital and computer creativity? 

Are you satisfied with the amount of time you are able to spend on your creativity? 

Do you enjoy solitary creating or working with others? Do you have creative playdates? 

Would you like to? 

Personally  for me, I prefer to create by myself, however, when learning a new skill or for very short projects, I enjoy working with others. I find it stimulates ideas to pursue in those quiet meditative moments when creating by myself. 

In having creative playdates, I would like to gather some of my essential materials and supplies if I am going to another location. So one of my goals in setting up my creative space is to know my essentials and easily locate them to take with me and easily return them to their permanent location upon my return. 

There are some activities that I do that are portable. I enjoy curling up on the sofa in my living room and working on a small project or a portion of a larger project. Hand sewing, drawing and some computer creativity are some of those activities. 

Other activities require a workspace that is dedicated to their execution. Cutting things out. My cutting tools and mats are downstairs. Painting is another activity that requires its own location. I want it to be near a water source for easy clean up and quick access for any messes. Near an operable window is also an important feature for the painting area, unless, I reserve the oils and other techniques that require ventilation for summer and outdoor painting. 

Here is a list of my creative activities. It is not all inclusive, but based on the current exercise, it is what I have so far. The exercise lists are evolving. Keep them as a running list. You may feel like we are redoing the same exercise, but my goal here is to have you look at your habits, your space and your current creativity from many different angles. 

You won’t feel like you have to eliminate anything, however, if you choose to, by doing the exercises in their order, you will clearly see, which things in your space and in your mind are just taking up space. 

My Current Creative Interests

  1. Creative Interests
    1. Sewing
      1. Apparel
      2. Home Decorating
      3. Quilting
      4. Miscellaneous craft
    2. Drawing
      1. Pencil
      2. Pen
      3. Calligraphy
    3. Painting
      1. Decorative
      2. Faux
    4. Jewelry Making
    5. Printmaking
    6. Bookbinding
    7. Pattern Drafting
    8. Weaving
    9. Fabric Dying
    10. Mixed Media & Paper Arts
    11. Tile/Tile making & Mosaics
    12. Digital & Computer Media
    13. Needlework

Now, I have not been able to work all of these activities into my schedule, some I haven’t done since college, while others, I have never tried, but find an interest in. 

How did I get here? Well, before throwing anything away, I did a mental and physical scan of what I actually have. Short of going through every box and tote, I looked to my bookcases and my magazine shelves. 

I clearly love to be inspired! There are two large bookcases in my living room of books that inspire me. Art books, technique books, style books, it truly is a unique collection. 
They are used not only for inspiration, but also for reference. 

Magazines are also something that apparently, I collect. They multiply. There is something so relaxing, leisurly turning the pages, especially if the paper is of good quality and the photography exquisite! So, I have an abundance of magazines AND magazine photos. They inspire an emotion, a feeling, the colors, the shapes, the compositions, all take me somewhere. The journey is then expressed in an interior space or a garment or a drawing. 

Another source is to review what types of patterns you have collected over the years, which ones have you done more than once? Which ones are you so excited to get started on? 

The goal here is to just look at what you have and pay attention to what brings you joy. What excites you. Forget about questions of, where am I going to do this? When am I going to do this? How am I going to do this? Just pay attention to your deepest self. Allow yourself to want it in this moment. 

If you truly are not moved by the mere thought of something, then you know, you need not take up the physical or mental space of it any longer. Make a mental note of this, as well. When you get to the physical, doing part of it, you will have a road map of exactly what to do. 

Don't forget, Shelly's Design Studio has a new website! There are weekly changes made there as well, and ... there is a blog page!

Monday, January 21, 2013

What is on my mind...

It is the coldest day of the year so far. -9 degrees this morning....and I get to go out! I am meeting a friend for lunch today and having drinks with another friend at her house late afternoon.
Happily,  the temperature downstairs has remained consistent at least; it averages about 60 degrees in the basement.  It isn't too bad when working moving around. Sitting at a sewing machine, is not as comfortable. So, other activities are best for days like today. But no time today..... 

It is the middle of our lease here at the 'little cottage by the river'.  The thought of packing up and moving again is weighing heavy on my mind. I am not looking forward to it, but yet, I am. I know the next place will have more room than we have right now. Unpacking will be less miserable than before, and somethings will have a place again. There is a great deal of kitchen things stored in the garage. 

We are definitely looking for a better kitchen. We would like to get a duplex, although, there are not many available in the area. The ones that do come up, don't seem to stay on the market long. I trust the timing will be right.... on most days.... some days I am gripped with fear and dismay. I know this is unnecessary, but it does cross my mind. Right now there are some very adorable little houses (that are bigger than this one) that may suffice as well. We will see. Life is definitely an adventure, there are a lot of unknowns that haven't formulated yet. 

The website continues to be a priority. The background is completed, the problem now, the vertical seams of the pattern do not match up properly. I will need to go back into photoshop and remedy this. There goes another afternoon! I have some small projects cut out downstairs that it would be refreshing to stitch up as something different than computer work. 

 The four photos near the bottom of the home page now will link to different projects. The featured project will share some of the criteria set forth by the clients and how the results have been achieved. The first one is up and running. The additional projects all need to be formatted for the web and cropped. I will be collecting more photos this week.

I was going to write about storage today, but my mind can't seem to stay clear. So, I reserve that post for later in the week. I want to work out a checklist for assessing your own space. I just haven't gotten to it yet and I can't think anymore. 
Have a wonderful day, stay warm if it is cold where you are... more accurately; be comfortable where ever you are and stop a moment to witness the beauty of it!

Until next time, 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Progress report and visual evolutions of the current creative space

Painting area and first shelves before
Painting area and first shelf -after

Above photos are where I started. My challenge is how and where to store drawing materials, finished drawings and flat paper projects. I moved the rolls into the thin tote on the top shelf. I would love to have a set of map drawers in my dream studio for just such materials. Some of my finished artwork, I amy even consider framing. Some are projects from college, they bring back memories and happy thoughts. I think my perfect studio ought to have display space for this. Maybe the pencil drawings in a hot pink lacquered frame! Ooh, how fun would that be!

Between the shelves are stacks of bins, the before picture shows how precarious they all are. The after photo, all I did was move similar totes together for efficient stacking and grouping of like things, to make it look and feel less cluttered.
Between shelves before
Between shelves-after
 Here is the view of the shelving looking neat and tidy. I will be sorting through each bin. My plan is to donate five totes worth of fabric to the Textile Center Garage sale in April. So far the clear plastic zipper bag is the start of my purging.
After sorting bins on the shelves
 This shelf unit has a lateral file drawer and the shelves are deep enough to hold binders. I have categorized all of my binders and labeled them. The purple and white ones, have been covered with wallpaper. It makes for a neat and unified looking shelf and not so cluttered. The others are quilting references.

The office supply cabinet: Printer papers, CD's, inks, paper clips, binder clips, miscellaneous samples and some supplies. This is not how it will stay, but I can see how the space can be used and the purpose evolved. At this point, I am assessing what I have and what I need to make space for storing. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Creative Activities

There have been some creative activities going on here as well.

Yesterday, I submitted a second entry into a Spoonflower contest. The theme is Murder Mystery Toile.
Today is the last day for voting on the zodiac fabrics,  please vote for your favorites! (There are some fabulous entries in these contests and it is great fun!) The winner will be posted tomorrow.

I have become more proficient at the process and by no means and expert. Yesterdays design, I decided would look best as a half drop repeat. It was a bit challenging and I didn't follow the directions accurately for the horizontal repeat, so if yardage were to be ordered, it doesn't match up. I will have to go in and fix it at a later date.

The requirement was to design the repeat as a fat quarter. So, that works.  Peek at my Murder Mystery Toile design....

Also, if you haven't checked out Shelly's Design Studio, I encourage you to do so, if you have, THANK YOU! Please share it with your friends!

A New Page

I have included a new page as I delve deeper into my creative space journey. There are six months to go here in my little cottage by the river. I have experienced how my creative space works and how it doesn't.

The journey is creating a vision of the perfect space. Identifying the criteria and working with the opportunities that come along. I will also be further organizing, purging and producing projects, supplies, tools, materials, etc.

An upcoming post will address storage. What, where, how, why... are all questions regarding storage.

What are your storage challenges?

Do you 'store' things out of sight? or do they need to be in the open? Do you work on one project at a time and then acquire materials for the next one? What do you stash? Fabric, Patterns, Buttons?

What other creative activities do you frequently practice? What other creative activities would you LIKE to do more frequently?

Happy creating!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Creative spaces

I woke up this morning feeling a great deal... blah..... A bit overwhelmed about everything, and yet, I don't quite know what 'everything' is. I think it was a morning of 'shoulds' running through my head.

We figured out the heat, finally and I think the basement will be warmer. So, that will no longer be an excuse to not go down there for any length of time.

So, I decided this morning to inspire myself and peruse photos of creative sewing spaces on Pinterest.

I found some good ideas, but not yet the 'perfect' sewing space. There are rooms that I love, they are inspiring, however, I wouldn't want to mess them up by working in them. Some spaces, looked rather boring, but I could definitely see myself wanting to go and create one thing at a time in them. Most all of them were much too small. So, my inspiration came with daydreaming about my perfect sewing space.

Here is a list of MUST HAVE'S in my perfect sewing space.

Obviously temperature and comfort are a must have..... but.....

Lighting, is essential. Not weird florescent lighting, but good, bright, natural lighting. Lighting is essential for color matching. North light is the best, as it is most consistent. Design workspace would be best placed near this natural light, like a north facing window. The whole lighting plan is dependent on the available natural light, the color palette and the work/task areas. I will come back to lighting in another post.

Storage is also important. It sounds like a dark and dismal idea. But storage can be very inspiring. It is also the most important dedication next to work space.

Workspace, what am I doing? Think of the time spent in a creative space.. most of it is doing. Working on a project to completion. Therefore workspace is a very important section of design. However, it does not necessarily require the most space. It is the quality of this element, not the quantity. I will talk about determining workspace in a future post.

Surfaces! For a space to function optimally, its surfaces are of utmost importance. The surfaces will impact not only visual aesthetics, but more importantly ease of use in the space. Will any of the furnishings be on casters? How much standing is required? Ease and comfort will impact how much time spent in the area and the mental/physical impact it will have on the quality of time spent there. Surfaces to be considered are floor, wall, ceiling and work surfaces. Many people choose surfaces on the basis of aesthetics.

Aesthetics are definitely a big part of the selection process, however, here is where product knowledge comes in. Knowing the characteristics and performance ratings of various products and matching them up for the variety of tasks is good design and minimizes the expense of a long term investment. Trust me, the last thing I want is to have my creative space torn apart and deemed unusable for any length of time. Do it right, do it once!

Which, my final must have is a color palette that I can spend the appropriate amount of time in. Perhaps  a quiet meditative place to relax, or a streamlined productive area. Or may be looking for that thrill of inspiration, completing and beginning! Maybe losing too much time in creative endeavors is a problem (of course, it is a problem for others, right?) The color choices for the appropriate surfaces will make this the perfect space to spend the perfect amount of time in! Color is more than just hue. There are value contrasts and saturation levels to consider... more on that at another time.

Oh, I almost forgot, for the next month or so, I will be featuring a link to Shelly's Design Studio to drive traffic and share my professional side (there really is one!) Thanks for checking it out and passing it along to friends or colleagues that may be interested in my products and services.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Creative Limitations and Breaking the Barriers

As a senior, I shared with my high school art teacher, my intent to pursue art in college. I was particularly focused on Fine Art, which I realize, at the time was all I was aware of. She suggested I pursue design or commercial illustration. (yup, that is how long ago it was, computer and graphic design was not really being practiced and the quality of the graphics, is by today's standards, hilarious, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?) She suggested something more structured than Fine Art, as she thought it was more beneficial to my approach to projects. At the time, I was very offended and felt as if she was saying I wasn't good enough.  However, in hindsight, she was absolutely correct, I needed structure to create. 

Into my design courses at the University, one of my Professors, shared with the class 'the way it works'. He is the client. He sets the limitations for the project. He is the one who needs to be pleased. Even if the work was good, if he didn't like it as the client, it didn't get a good grade. (Of course, this was hypothetical, as a professional and art historian, he had the ability to be objective regarding the aesthetics and look at the project as its fulfillment of the criteria set forth, although, many students disliked him for this reason.) I understood completely what he was saying and honed my ability to communicate and execute the intention of my design concept within the limitations of the project. My grades were 'A's'. 

This skill is essential in what I do professionally in working with clients. 

In present day,  I am again pursuing personal projects. It is a need to expand beyond what has become first nature for me. Also, I have acquired the skill to create my own limitations for a project. I further practice this with others who are interested in exploring creative expression, experience and theories for themselves.  It is great fun. Today, I am off to meet with a college friend for her birthday and we are going to do a '1 day' project. That is the limitation we have set so far... we will see what we come up with. 

So, the blog is going to morph into my personal creative endeavors, while the Website (which is equipped with a blog feature) will chronicle my professional creative process. There will be some overlap and cross linking between the two. As a client or a creative playmate, I am whole and complete and the two me's influence each other. 

If you haven't checked out the website... here is the link.

Have a great weekend. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

It is Launched and Live

Good Morning World! I am pleased to report that the website is up and running... the content is close to what I want and there are definitely some aesthetics to address, but, it is a work in process, much like life... as you have heard before.

I activated the email for the website last friday evening. I spent the entire day working on the pages and their layout, etc.

When it came time to 'publish', it seems it has been out there in its raw form for quite some time.

I am not able to 'google' it on my computer, however, my Housemates computer, it shows up. So, I am posting a link here. If any of you would be so kind as to check it out. Peruse it, read some content, there aren't many photos, not many visual interests either, for my liking... that is something to be working on indefinitely.

If you are so moved by something you like or don't like, please let me know in an email directly from the website or a comment on this blog. It would be most helpful. I have taken it as far as I can, now I am looking for 'market research'. Many of you may not be interested in my services, however, for a moment, pretend that you were. What information would you be looking for? Is there anything that would inspire you to contact me to discuss a project? What other information would you like to see on the website, including photos, what would you like to see? Before pictures? In process photos?

Many of the projects that I work on, I find are WIP's, works in process. While the walls may be painted, the floor in place, the lighting just so, the furnishings and accessories are often times a slow process for 'finished' photos.

In my years of participating in the Minneapolis Spring Home and Garden Show, as well as the Fall Home and Garden Show, the criteria set forth in the agreement with North American Trade Shows, was that all Designer Showcase rooms be finished quality. That means, a floor, wall finishes, lighting, furniture and FULLY ACCESSORIZED.

My goal for 2013 is to acquire finished photos for the website and occasionally the blog.

The blog too, has a new purpose for me.

In my afternoon discussions with Paula last week, I discovered something about my creativity. Something that goes way back to high school and college. I have brought it full circle, however there is definitely a distinction in my creative expressions. More about this on Wednesday.

Well, this has gotten long enough for today.. eek!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Perfection and Limitations

Today's goal is to go live with the website for Shelly's Design Studio. I have learned a few new things about Wordpress and the particular theme that I have selected for the time being. After researching other themes. I really didn't find one I like as well as the one I have been working with.

The process has been good for me to answer some questions about myself, what I do and how I do it. It has given me an opportunity to review my past experience and the experiences of my clients. I have reviewed the policies that I have put in place for my own structure and work habits, as well as some additional procedures and policies for further growth and development of my company.

With this web-site, I am separating myself from my design practice. It doesn't define who I am, it is an expression of who I am. This has proven to be more challenging than I thought.  I realize, web-sites and technology in general are not areas where I have a great deal of experience. It will most likely show when I get the thing launched, but I have the ability to change and update whatever I find to be in need of changing.

The whole thing is a process, design is a process, life is a process.  You just go day to day, sometimes minute by minute, doing the best you are capable of in that moment and keep moving. There is no such thing as static perfection, only the perfection of what you are capable of in any particular moment. So, it is more like a living perfection, a practice of intentional actions, based on values and character, rather than in order to's. (If I do x, then I will get y)

There are infinite possibilities in life. Focus on what you want to experience being you. Visualize it at your core. Align your mind, your emotion and your spirit. Clarity of focus, every detail, answer every question you may have about that experience, without limiting the freedom of the universe. (by universe, I mean every entity involved, seen and unseen)

Yesterday, I met with my friend Paula for the day, we played with her fabrics and patterns, creating projects, as well as shared our processes about creating, blogging, In that conversation, I made a statement. A principle by which I live, although, have recently forgotten.

"whomever has the most clear vision- WINS"

I could see it land within her in its appropriate place. Her response was, "oooh, and not necessarily the best idea, just the most clear."

"EXACTLY!!" I responded.

I am creating my own website right now to answer the questions and obtain the clarity necessary for my  design practice to evolve and grow how I want it to be. Not how an industry defines it, nor how anyone else defines their design practice, or how a web designer interprets me or my practice.

My confidence and skill come from my experience. No one else has had my experiences. I can communicate my experiences, share the impact they have had in my life, but no one else will really 'get' them the way I do. I need to experience the challenges of defining this website, not because I am a control freak, because I want to know what I don't know to ensure that the person I hire does know! I want to know that they see what I can not or, they know what questions to ask for us to discover the answer together.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Quick post for Wednesday

Short post today, I am excited about two Spoonflower contests that I would like to submit designs for. The first is the Zodiac and the second is a murder mystery toile. The entries are due the 8th and the 15th respectively. There is some drawing to do...Also on the to do list, publish the website by friday. I am toying with the idea of re selecting a template. The one I have is clean, white and pretty much looks like every other designer web site out there. I however, am not anything like any other designer out there. So, it only makes sense that my web site be different as well..