Sewing Apparel Fall/Winter

Fall is a wonderful time of year. With the onset of September, the sun is lower and the colors are more melancholy. With it my lifestyle becomes more structured as children go back to school, vacations are done, my business life picks up as people start gearing up for holiday entertaining and quick fix home projects.

The wardrobe is professional, more tailored and the color palette becomes more earthy. It is still vibrant, but with a bit more 'dirt' colors thrown in. Dirt colors are rich and deep, not dirty, gray and dead looking. I look HORRIBLE in dead looking colors. Some people are quite stunning, on them, I wouldn't call them dead looking colors, but on me... my skin looks like, well, yucky!

Jackets and coats are a big part of the wardrobe, dress pants are most professional looking with a jacket or coat of some sort. Dresses are still a favorite, with the hemline becoming longer for me than the summer counterparts. A wardrobe of basic colors is good, but I still love prints and have an array of beautiful fabrics, that are vintage now. Some are quite classic and will be valuable for a longer season, as I have merged Fall and Winter together as a season. The exception being that the jacket and coats will definitely have a fall component that is lighter than the winter counterparts which will require more ease.

Fall/Winter sewing will occur a bit during summer, and happen most through the bulk of the fall/winter months. I choose to spend more time outdoors and on outdoor type projects.

A look into the sewing projects slated for Fall/Winter:

Black scallop lace overlay skirt or dress..
Chocolate wool-skirt

Brown Linen Jacket
Brown Linen Fall dress
Black/Brown Linen for dress
Iron Red silk- skirt or jacket

Chenille Jacket
Chenille Jacket Coordinate 

Maple leaf red wool
silk multi, potential buttons?

Maple red plaid with lg buttons
Black pink plaid need buttons

Pink/navy suiting wt with indigo buttons

Pendelton plaid and teal crepe, teal buttons

Blue & Orange plaid with bright blue buttons
Green & Plum wool coordinates

Cotton with green buttons
Navy silk/linen and blue buttons
Cashmere wool blend for skirt?
Worsted Wool Jacquard 2 yds
Silk herringbone variation with multi buttons

silk faille buttons with silk for skirt?

wool cashmere blend with chunky buttons

wool cashmere plaid with shell/brass buttons

Red flannel for pj's

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