Quilting Projects

I haven't had much success completing quilting projects, however, my few years as an associate at Glad Creations Quilt Block, has left me no shortage of inspiration, projects and stash!

I have few quilts completed and ready for quilting, the one I made in college and the sampler I did in the Rotary Star sampler class offered at Glad's. I have ambitions of practicing quilting, once my space is sorted. Which I may not get to it in this house... but.. it is possible.. leaving my options open.

The next closest thing to complete is a quilt that Lindsay and I picked, at the same time. It was a challenge. Her first quilt, which she has long since completed, and I have many blocks left to finish of my own. It is a simple design, simple blocks, I just have to sit down and get it pieced together.

Another in process project is my cupcake applique quilt. I haven't worked on it for quite some time either, but, it still inspires me.

Finally, my other ongoing quilt is the Sylvia's Bridal Sample Quilt. I have several blocks completed and have a plan for the finished blocks. My blocks are all being made with silk. The ones I have completed are beautiful.

Here is where I will have photographs of the projects I would like to do.. on this page, with updates of the progress I am making on the WIP's.

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