Monday, August 27, 2012

Creative inspiration in the News

This morning I had two new things in my inbox... that are dear to me, albeit, tucked away on a very packed shelf at the moment.

Remembering my trip to Bainbridge Island and color training with Leatrice Eisememan, a color connection of shared passion and knowledge.

Here is a link to the story about Leatrice Eiseman's home Enjoy reading about her charming farmhouse and her passion for color... she is an inspiration to me and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to participate in her training week on the island.. a truly inspiring business model for me..

The other passion I am chomping at the bit to gain practice at is the following story of Spoonflower.
I also had the opportunity to learn with Steven Fraser, co-founder of Spoonflower earlier this spring. The result of that was the ever patient cherry fabric for the vintage apron... soon, I will get back to that!

I am committed to completing the apron before the end of september. There isn't much left on it, a few hours at best. It is just setting up the sewing space right now. There is a great deal of painting to be done in the basement studio for it to be a comfortable place to work. I am less than crazy to share it with the many legged creatures that lurk around down there in the whatever hours of the day they decide to stroll around ... EEK! And they are BIG ONES!! -Nope, not going to gross any one out with a picture of them.  I wouldn't want anyone having nightmares!

As you probably can tell, there is no shortage of inspiration for me and the greatest challenge is knowing where to put my time and energy. The distractions of life seem to get in the way... This week is about unpacking... next week, is another focus... TBD! -Oh, and those curtains are a must.. by the end of September as well... I seem to have lost my tape measure... :(

It may have fallen in a box... they are everywhere! (not tape measures- boxes. Hmm, I used to have lots of tape measures (4 or 5)... I wonder where they have all gone?

How do project inspirations occur for you? How do you choose which ones to pursue? Do you schedule time for them, or do you do them -oh, whenever.... ? At what point do they become work for you? or do they always remain an enjoyment, a respite from daily life and life surprises?

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