Thursday, August 30, 2012

Painting upstairs is done!

The living room is painted! I am so happy to see those red walls go. The room size and exposure was not conducive to the depth of the wall color. I have happily painted all four walls, Revere Pewter. A Benjamin Moore color, pearl finish (I love BM pearl finish-there is more depth than an eggshell and not as much sheen as a semi-gloss.)

The hallway is painted the dark chocolate brown. It is almost a black brown. The artwork is perched against the walls where it is to be hung and this weekend that will happen.

Same with the living room. Pictures to be hung this weekend and the bookcases from downstairs are coming up. They are the bookcases that I painted a deep black/purple and silver leafed the face frames. The ultimate goal is to silver the sides as well, however, that will happen later, maybe even the next place.

Lovely little vintage chairs are coming tonight. Ideally, I would like them in the Living room, I will see if I can make it work.

There are no photos today of the progress as, it is all still a mess of boxes..

This afternoon, I will continue painting downstairs. Three of the four walls are done and I have edged the floor on the back wall. The floor is Glidden concrete Swiss Coffee. I just couldn't bring myself to do a darker gray, it is already rather dingy down there with the exposed ceiling. This way, I can keep it clean, as I will see anything on it.. (i.e. creatures coming at me...although they have been hanging out on the walls)

We may set up a stereo downstairs too. This apparently keeps the many legged's away... I have heard from several sources... Thank you sources!

I will have to learn to work with noise myself. I like to have it quiet when I working, although some projects require a bit of -swing! That would be good, I have a good collection of appropriate music..

Well, sorry for the lack of photos. I just wanted to let everyone know how the progress is coming along.  I found my tape measure and this weekend will go in search of the appropriate fabric for the windows. Next week there will be a post on measuring tips and accuracy, hardware and fabric selection.. These are the steps to proper window dressing design..

Later Peeps.. have a great weekend... 

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