Monday, August 6, 2012

Cows, Roosters and Bunnies in the Country!

This weekend, still out in 'the country'.  Saturday, drove back to Annandale from St. Cloud. There is a little Antique store on the way. I have wanted to stop many times, but never took the opportunity. So, Saturday afternoon, on the way to mom and dad's house. My friend and I stopped.

I will definitely do an upcoming post about it.  It is a charming antique shop. Limited hours, but great stuff! Everything is very clean, not a dusty, dirty, find it and clean it type of place. There are antiques, vintage and some newer hand made things. All is nicely displayed there are a few things there that I absolutely COVET! Watch for an upcoming post about it.. it has to do with one of my favorite fashion designers!

The other thing I did Sunday afternoon, was go to the Benton County Fair. We had been talking about fairs with my parents and I said I liked to go into the animal barns. I do.. I love to see the animals. Touch them, watch them.. they are fascinating to me. So, when we arrived back in St. Cloud, my friend asked if I would like to go.

There were four animal barns, lots of food vendors and live music playing. I hadn't been to a county fair since I was a kid and went to the Anoka County Fair.

My favorite part was the Poultry-Pigeon-Rabbit Barn. I had NO IDEA there were so MANY exotic chicken breeds out there! And the Rabbits! Even the pigeons and geese were interesting to see.


Of course I was immediately drawn to the color on some of these birds! WOW! The iridescent feathers and the color combinations were beautiful. 

The rabbits! I had never seen such varied textures and ears on bunnies before. Several of them really did look like velveteen rabbits! Quite lovely! Their color was not black, not brown, and not grey, but a combination of all.
A Velveteen Rabbit, more like a silk velvet rabbit! So soft!

 Feathers and fur, beautiful textures and such personalities!

It was quite a fun thing to do for a couple of hours on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

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