Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Past, the Present and the Future

Yesterday, my mom and I went Antiquing. It was great fun. There are some really great Anitique shops in Buffalo. Many were closed, the hours are thurs-sunday... nice hours.. window peeking warrants another trip. 

We did go into Annie’s Attic. A shop that has been there for many years.. I have found some great treasures at Annie’s Attic and this adventure did not disappoint either. 

I chose to focus on vintage paper... patterns, needlework magazines, home magazines, etc. in the 20’s-60’s is my chosen era, although, she did share with me a magazine from 1886 that is truly fascinating! We picked that up too. 

A beautiful lifestyle magazine for ladies in 1886

There were also treasures that I left behind. Pieces that inspired me and I knew, I would not do anything with other than reference it. So I photographed it. There are vintage dresses, and some actual peices of applique that were very nice. 

The goodies I have will provide fascinating blog posts for many months to come, as we hit a jackpot today and the inspiration will continue to flow. Stay tuned for details of the intriguing articles on color and decorating from the 1930’s!

This is something fascinating from the Singer Company that I will talk more about later! Inspiring!

Magazines with lifestyle tips, patterns, instructions, recipes, advertising and fashion! 

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