Sewing- Apparel Spring

The Spring Season here in my mind, is from March until the end of May. The weather is still chilly in early March, but the sun is present more often. The snow is melting, returning and melting again.

My color palette and energy levels go to life force energy. New growth, potential of a warm, pleasant summer.

Most of the sewing for this season will be done in the winter months. The items to round out my wardrobe include spring jackets and coats, spring skirts, dresses, blouses and tops. I have some pants that I adore in my wardrobe and haven't made myself many pants. My attempts have been successful in the past, however, I just don't wear them that often. I am a skirt and dresses sort of girl. I love dresses!

Winter sewing for spring looks like this for me:

Classic black/white polka dot pants                         
New Look Pattern, multi pattern dress

New Look Pattern variation of multi pattern dress

Spring jacket with dresses
Linen for Spring dress

Spring green Silk jacket weight, nice drape

Coat/Jacket weight cotton twill

small 15 x 15" piece, trim?  for jacket? 

Trim Fabric 1/3 yd x 54"  for jacket?

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