Thursday, August 30, 2012

Color and Technology Musings

Close up of a rose in sunlight (not photo enhanced)

I have just been taking a moment to see what is newly posted on Pinterest. As I am scrolling down the pages, my eyes are stimulated by the vibrant color. The contrast and lighting is so beyond what is normally seen. (a link to my boards) I am new to Pinterest... and find very inspiring images.. (remember I LOVE pictures!)

Luscious moss in the forest (not photo enhanced)
Thinking to myself, I wonder how many of these have been color enhanced? Then, it has me wondering what impact will all of this have on the way we perceive color in our 3-dimensional world? Will we automatically detect color in our surroundings as more brilliant? Will we want more brilliant color in our home environments? Is the color we see enhanced on our computer screens creating a demand for more brilliant color in our textiles and print? Is this one of the factors of the popularity of the brighter colors in recent years?

Physiologically, will our ability to detect color change due to the enhancements available to us? My recent trip this summer, studying color, has me thinking if we spend more time on our computer than we do out in nature, we will definitely require more brilliant color in our homes and apparel. If however, we maintain our connection to nature, how will we perceive the green leaves and brilliant sunsets? Will our minds create the color enhancement for us? Will we evolve into seeing color more brilliantly, needing less light to detect the luminosity?

A serene sunset at Lake Harriet (not photo enhanced)
How does technology impact the way we see color? Recently Leatrice Eiseman posted on the neutrals, beige and taupe and the popularity they gained in the 1920's and specifically, Elsie de Wolfe's impact.  Did the acceptance of these tones coincide with the availability of film and entertainment? After all, more and more people were able to experience 'moving' pictures.. with color not being first seen until 1939 by mass audiences. (The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind) People spent their free time and escape from reality going to movies.. how many of us use the computer to escape and/or break from reality.. Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, etc.? While a great way to stay connected, would you pick up the phone and call someone every five minutes to tell them where you are for dinner? There is staying connected and distraction.. would you pick up the phone every 5-minutes to share with people where you are for dinner? Doesn't it rather detract from the experience you ARE having, if you remove yourself from the presence of your experience to comment on it at the time you are having it?

Just a curios thought that came to mind, how our world is changing and how conscious are we of directing those changes.. any comments? What do you think? 

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