Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hold ups, Set Backs and Getting to Paris....

The summer seems to be over, there may be a few more days of warmth in our near future, however, the energy has shifted to back to school, routine and regimen, structure and discipline. Not at all bad things; keeps things orderly and running smoothly.

There are great ideas with the blog and sharing information, inspiration and all. The hold up seems to be doing it the way I want it to be done and finding my own style. Winging it is always an option and keeps one in the moment, which is great when there is a solid routine and knowing of one's abilities and  limitations.

Now, when it comes to creativity, there is nothing that intimidates me, frustration is lately at a heightened state, but intimidation, no. If I don't understand a technique or how to execute something the way I visualize it or a comparable outcome, I am off my game. There is a gap that must be filled.

Integrating technology is my problem these days. Setting things up to do things efficiently, daily, weekly and monthly tasks, keeping myself organized and accomplishing is of paramount focus recently. The world has been turned upside down in the last year, moving a collection of creative materials and supplies, along with just plain life paraphernalia, has had me a bit out of sorts. Talk about creating a whole new routine!

My life of 18 months ago is far different than it is right now. It feels like I have been put through the wash cycle, several times over and hung out to dry a couple of times too.  (Here would be a great place to post a photo of my recent laundry out on the line at my mom and dad's house. It was a wash day of my small vintage table cloth collection, beautifully blowing in the breeze against the backdrop of a bright blue sky and brilliant green grass.)

I didn't even think to snap a quick photo as my mom and I spent the afternoon out on the patio, reminiscing about my grandma and laundry and tips that my mom learned from her mother about properly hanging clothes out on the line. My mom was also pleased to share with me a newly cherished memory created with my niece, who had no idea the concept of hanging clothes outside to dry. Mom took the opportunity to share some home keeping  wisdom and memories of her childhood. I hope my niece remembers the experience, too, when she gets older.

But, that is not what this post is about.. I haven't been writing much, I have been slowing getting into creative endeavors, only to be thwarted by broken sewing needles and not sure where the supply is currently located. Recently, I have created a box of file cards with potential topic cards to keep the blog(s) more organized, consistent and fluid. That is the goal anyway. Getting back on a regular writing schedule with a routine of topics is my goal.

Sometimes though, just journaling what is in my head, keeping me stuck, is the best release. Being heard,  if you read this, you are thinking something about what I have written. It will go through the filter of your experience, you will either relate or not to what my experience is. My hope is that you will recognize the same or similar insights in your own areas of creating. Yes, creating, it could be a sewing project, a painting project, writing or a home project, even a life project.

Maybe you are in search of a new career expression, or expanding on an old one. Just looking at where you are at in the process, being with it, is all you need to do to move forward. After all, you can't get to your destination without starting from where you are currently at. It is impossible to get to Paris, via New York, if you are still in Minneapolis. Gotta figure out how to get to New York from Minneapolis first. (Although, Air France is back at MSP for direct flights to Paris!)
Paris greenery.... how quaint.