Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A day of New Friends...

Yesterday, I allowed myself to meet with some new friends. Others, who share my passion for sewing and Fabric!

My friend, P.D. who will soon have a blog of her own, may become a recurring character in my blog world cast of characters... she has already played a part, see the link after THIS post to go to THAT post. (there must be an easier way to do that, I just haven't figured it out yet)

Anyway, back to the day yesterday. It was a gorgeous day and J. H. presented a lovely Swedish style lunch of open faced sandwiches, a beautiful vegetable salad and refreshing summer wine, as well as a Swedish Zoft (I believe that is what she called it) made with currants.

We sat out on the patio under the umbrella all afternoon and talked sewing, buttons, inspirations, challenges, opportunities, fears, challenges, it was a glorious afternoon!

It is the type of community that I exactly want to create with this blog!

We all left the day feeling inspired, validated, refreshed and excited to have new delightful group of people to share sewing and creativity with.

I wish I would have gotten permission to photograph the beautiful day and the presentation of the delicious lunch to share with you all. You will just have to take my word for it.

Think green, sunshine, birds, chipmunks and a cat. Add vintage buttons, fabric swatches, photocopies of pattern envelopes, laughter and a great collaboration of ideas! EG shared her challenges and triumphs, what a wealth of fabulous ideas and innovation that woman has! I am fortunate to have found such talented souls to play with! That is what the day consisted of.

These are not JH's sandwiches, but her's were very similar..

The summer wine... very refreshing indeed

We have all agreed that once a month is a great opportunity to meet, share ideas and progress!
Now, I have a garage full of boxes I need to get out and sort!

Have a beautiful August afternoon... wherever you are... seek out like-minded people and you will believe in things that you never dreamed possible.. especially yourself! It is the most empowering thing you can do for YOU!

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