Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Transforming a house into a home

Bathroom and closet doors in the hallway
Today, I am going to paint the hallway. I found a beautiful deep brown, that the current homeowner fell in love with when I showed it to her. The hallway is a small area and these areas are perfect for dark and or dramatic colors. HouseMate (HM) and I found a longer pull chain for the vintage light in there.  I doubt the owner or previous ones ever turned that light on as the chain was only a few inches long... and the ceilings are not quite 9' - maybe... my last place the ceilings were 113". They are definitely more than 8' here... but my tape measure is still missing, hiding out... most likely thinking this game of hide and seek is very funny, snickering quietly to itself in the little pocket of darkness it has found.

There is so much to do here and I know the hallway isn't the most practical, but it will feel like something is done.

Yesterday, I painted the wall by the kitchen window with the same paint that the homeowner has everywhere in there. Paint budget ran out.

Bathroom door and the disaster of my room off to the corner.. 

There are still boxes to unpack, HM and I need to go through kitchen stuff, purge and repack and label better then determine storage options. Oh, an I found one of the creepy creatures in one of my kitchen drawers yesterday. It decided to hide between the blender lid and the juicer plunger.. all of which have been throughly cleaned again. From my research the creatures eat spiders.. I have vacuumed up a great deal of spider webs in the basement, I suppose it has migrated to find better eatin's, I don't know what it thought it would find in the kitchen. I did a hands and knees cleaning on the floor, wiping out cracks and crevices of webs, spider 'debris'  and dog hair, so there isn't going to be much to eat for the creatures. I really don't want to see them.. they can take care of spiders for me... I just have a hard time working in the same space as them.. I wish that we had different shifts... they can work by night, which they are supposed  to be doing.. but I see them in the daytime... ok, enough about them.. this is a post about painting.. maybe they will not like the new paint... no, they still dance across the newly painted walls in the basement... HM says they will be addressed this weekend.. ok!
hallway and selected artwork
After the weekend, I will post interior photos of the little house by the river. This week is about transforming it into a home. The hallway will be done and artwork will be hung... that is the best way to personalize a space.

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