Sewing Apparel Summer

Summer, with Memorial Weekend yesterday, summer has begun! White can re-emerge into my wardrobe. (I am old fashioned that way, sandals and white, after Memorial Day)

Lots of shorts, dresses, skirts and fun tops. My schedule is different in the summer. The day is broken down into smaller bits, almost like mini-days, depending on what I need to get done. So, outfit changes are essential as I meet with clients, walk around the lake, or socialize with friends.

My wardrobe goes from professional to fun and lots in between for summer. This season has the most variety of expression for me. It is vibrant and I am oozing with vitality.

Spring is when this sewing happens. Anticipation of the vitamin -D abundance my body can take it, it inspires me to sew up a storm!

Some spring sewing for summer:

Black linen for summer
Circle skirt with bias trim inset above hem

Bright Blue summer dress
Sheehan style vintage dress

Sew Serendipity Pattern Book
Late Summer Skirt-Linen

Drapey rayon linen blend
Vogue Dress pattern, green leaves trim detail

Sunshine yellow linen- goes with silk plaid

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