Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting "it" together

The past few months I have been gathering information about a lot of things that I want to further explore in my life. None have turned out to be something to set aside, so far...

With that, there has been a lot going on. Now comes the task of creating an infrastucture of automation with built in flexibility.

I want to be able to allow my areas of strength and expertise support me while I take on new areas of learning and application.

So, the next thing to create is the infrastructure. There are many tools out there that I have found, the problem is, until you know exactly what you want to do and how much time you want to commit to it, those tools are just another thing to do.. so.. on with the infrastructure.

I will do something that allows me to put my brain into the mode of methodic creation... sew ! Sewing for me is something I do wholly and completely.

 It engages my physical self, standing, sitting, cutting, detail work with my hands.. I can feel the energy flowing from my finger tips.

My mental self is also engaged, the problem solving skills and visualization of the next steps and how it all goes together stimulates this part of me.

Spiritually, I find that my intuition is fairly high and accurate when I sew, not to mention the trillions of additional creative ideas that flow freely into my being.

And finally, my emotional being is involved. Either the process is going well and inspiring me to keep going and happy endorphins are swimming in my blood stream OR the thread is breaking, needles are snapping and I keep sewing the wrong pieces together in the wrong direction and I am channeling unexpressed frustration from other areas of life out into the ethers... either way.. it is a healing and regenerative process for me.. sew on to it..

 I will post things I have been making and what I am working on ... by the end of the week? Integrity.. be in integrity... commit to it.. OK.. I will put it into the emerging infrastructure....