Monday, August 13, 2012

Moving Week

There is much to do this week. We received keys yesterday and can start moving things in. Saturday is the official date!

Wednesday, the plan is to seal the basement walls and give them a fresh coat of paint. While the basement isn't as weird, musty and dark as the one I just came from, the walls and floor are a bit dingy.

Beautiful grays, the walls will be Swiss white, as mentioned before and the floor will most likely get painted a deeper grey tone. I would like to see the hand rail an almost charcoal black.


Words can not describe how excited I am to start putting things away and setting up a whole new lifestyle routine.. if only for 10 months. It will give me a better perspective on what needs work... myself most likely is the answer.

A friend of mine told me today, she realized, how she relates to her body is how she relates to the world. This was such an eye opening statement to me... it makes perfect sense. Eating healthy, exercise, all of that is important, however, relating to oneself, physically is very important.. for me, one of the easiest ones to neglect and often times down right  AVOID.

Winged Victory of Smithorace.-Louvre-France.
No more.. celebrate the body, it is after all the receiver by which we experience everything else in this life experience. And my body is in desperate need of attention from myself!
Healthy, wholesome, organic food and regular sewing for me will do... the blog will change again in a few weeks as it evolves, it is after all a reflection of me... finding my voice.
yummy pears!

yummy cherries! Look at these colors!

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