Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

What is pressing on your creative brain?

Happy Monday all! This morning I am reminded, there are endless things that need to be done. However, to be truly present to any one of them, what is it that you would rather be doing?

I have had color on my mind for two weeks now. Developing color palettes, just basic starter palettes for I don't know what yet....

In my minds eye, there are yellow and citrus colors with a spark of contrast.. imagine lemons on lush green branches with blue sky peeking through and then a surprise color... or dark chocolate and deep purples and wine, with champagne and blush... these are a few that I would love to further develop. The context is still a mystery, no, I take that back, I know exactly what I want to develop these palettes for. And I am going to let it incubate and percolate a while longer before revealing. Nothing may ever come of it, but it is occupying valuable creative space right now.

Maybe it is just a test to see if I will take action and make room for my own creative development again. It does involve another person or entity to create a finished product or products.. and the niche is very particular. Not the mass market, a little more exclusive, something for those who want something a bit different, it isn't trendy, it is classic and will enhance any decor.... stay tuned my friends, not to see what it is (although that is a good idea) no, more like....

"Will Shelly take action on developing the idea in her mind? Will it lead to anything expressive and hopefully profitable?" Will she sell out on herself and put her energy where there is the least amount of return on her investment? Her biggest investment being herself and everything design... Stay tuned for next week's post... What will Shelly do?"

Until then, have a fabulous week and enjoy the sunshine... 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April is Minnesota Blizzard Month!

Yes, it is nearing the end part of April and the weather is looking like a white Christmas here in Minnesota! Every three to four days, we get a deep and white boat load of snow. It is pretty and it melts pretty fast, so the white doesn't have time to get really dirty. But, green leaves and grass would be a welcome sight. I am liking the color of the sky, bright blue, deep wet tree bark black and crisp sparkly white.. it is a pretty lace pattern against the sky.

We went looking at open houses on Sunday. We managed to see 16 of them. Many were quite out of the price range, but it was nice to see what we are aspiring to. Many of the favorites were from the 1930's era. Many had original features, some even the original linoleum floors! One, had the original TERRAZZO floors, countertops and backsplash in the kitchen and bath. Very lovely, this was a spacious home that was quite out of range, but oh, to aspire to bring back the charm of that era in something that has been less than cared for.

That is the plan.. not much sewing, but the creative wheels are spinning.  As the threads of life are being spun, the process is rich with experience, emotions and very ripe for sharing... Enjoy your spring where ever you are!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lunch with the Ladies and an April Blizzard

Today was our meeting day of the sewing ladies... we met at Edith's house, where her daughter created the most beautiful and delicious lunch for us!

All four of us were able to attend, Judy, in spite of her fashion show deadline on May 2, was there and shared her process and eagerly listened as we all caught up on the news of our current events. It was lovely to see her and her collection looks like it will be delightful.. very chic.. purples.. rich in texture and simple, classic silhouettes! I am looking forward to attending the event..

Paula shared her jacket and great finds from the Textile center garage sale. The jacket has the most delightful detail where the lining meets the facing.. and the interlining provides the perfect structure for her fabric...

Edith shared her life work with us, by showing us her computer mapping.. it is truly breakthrough work  that I am convinced the world is now ready for...

I am so fortunate to be able to gather with such inspiring and individual women, who maintain their passion and keep it alive, actively pursuing their dreams. The evolution, which is intriguing to say the least.

Driving home, in the great blizzard of week # 16 -Two thousand and thirteen, took a bit of time, but traffic was moving pretty well, despite the horizontal direction of the snow. As of yesterday, the last of which all had mostly melted away, making room for a NOT SO WELCOME 6"-9" expected. Yuck!

But, what I am left with is the inspiration of the day, what everyone is creating and working on.. my focus, just find a new place to live, that I can stay in for a while. I don't want to be moving every summer... ick! I want a place to call home, a place of my own, to be comfortable in, to have space to expand and create... to be warm and comfortable. The months are counting down... July 1 is the day to turn in keys. The little cottage by the river has been a good transition place, but now the unknown is staring me in the face and freezing my heart... it will all work out.. perfectly!

Stay tuned as I create and attract the perfect place.. we will see what shows up! Transition still going strong.....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Tuesday's Journal Entry

Today, I find myself inspired to tackle many overdue projects and getting back to sorting. The fabric is sorted, the Textile Center Garage sale is over, the donations made it to their destination. This morning I sorted the last of the buttons into my system. That system may change, but for now, it will work. Buttons are all in one place, sorted by color in plastic art organizers. There are four containers. One for Whites and yellows, another for reds, pinks, oranges, another for blues, greens, blacks and browns, and a fourth for metal buttons and parts for making covered buttons.

As I sorted through the buttons, the memories of my friends mom, Fran were present in my mind. I found myself really missing her and wishing she were still here. But then, she was, I could feel her presence and hear her voice in my heart. I also was very present to the new memories created with my friend Shelly Ann, sorting through her mothers crafty things in the basement that we played together in as children.

Tears of sadness well in my eyes as I write this, but they are stirred with and transforming into warmth and gratitude for the presence of these people in my life. To all of you who have crossed my path and or shared a part of my journey..."You have long been a part of my love and support system all of my life. The memories, experiences, lessons and love you have shared with me, shape who I am. For this I am truly grateful. Without you, the experience of being me, would not have been what it is."

All of this, from a collection of mismatched, old buttons... which carry memories and energy of their own, the love and admiration that the individuals who have collected and saved them, are integrated into their beauty and patina. A piece of ourselves is left behind to share with those who obtain the treasures formerly in our stewardship. Building their auras along their journey from owner to owner, each using and reusing to meet their needs and express their part of the journey. We are all a part of a creative work of art in process, it is living and dying and being reborn again into the next thing..

Enjoy the journey, enhance the lives of your fellow travelers, empowering them to explore the adventure of creating the reality we all have at our core.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two days off in a row. I realize how wiped out I have been the last month with every other day at NBH. Most of the two days were spent relaxing. I didn't realize how tired and worn down I had become. 

There are so many things I need to do and that I want to do. I did take some time yesterday to work on the fabrics I sewed at Paula's the other day.
Fabrics combined for skirt panels
There are groups of fabric for approximately six skirts. All from recycled deco fabric books. I have been toting those things around for about a decade. So, am practicing embellishing fabrics with machine embroidery, beading and some hand work as well. It is something fun and I get to work with pretty prints and put them together. 

Another selection of fabrics,  decorative stitching to be added
There isn't much else to report. My mind is preoccupied these days.

My writing is a bit lackluster. I am spread a bit thin, mentally. I still have moments of incoherence for myself since the fall on the ice. I hope this remedies itself soon. In the mean time. I will continue to steal away moments at my sewing machine. It may help to gain some clarity and I will have things to share.... Have a great week everyone.. we hare half way there... but then, a weekend, what is that! I don't have them anymore! Not complaining, well maybe a little bit... things are closing in and there is soooo much to do yet! July 1 is the last day of the lease at the little cottage by the river... what happens next is still shrouded in mystery. (that is a little scary)

Until later... adieu!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Late night catching up

Hello everyone! It has been a while and I have felt very scattered this last month. With every other day literally for the last month going to a new job, I wasn't necessarily looking for, has been challenging. I really was looking for additional ways to market Shelly's Design Studio, but, yet, I have a job again. I love talking with people about their projects, but I am itching to actually WORK on one! Collaborate with homeowners, that is what I love to do!

But today, I had a special break and went to my friend Paula's of www.Gettingthingssewn.com and did some sewing. We had a lovely time catching up and working on our projects. We talked about our blogs and 'getting things sewn'. She said it was most important for her to let her readers know, she does indeed get things sewn! I laughed and replied, for me, it is getting to be important that my readers actually know I own a sewing machine!

What I worked on were some panels to make some skirts for myself. Recycling fabric is what I did! I have had old cotton samples that are a heavier cotton and would be perfect for skirts. Sew! I did! I sewed panels for six skirts, all with multiple panels and prints. The next step is to add some decorative stitching, some embellishment and then cut out the skirt pattern pieces, stitch together and hopefully wear! Photos will be taken soon and posted in the next post with descriptions of further embellishments of my recycled fabric skirts!

It was good to sew again!

Have a great weekend everyone!