Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Preliminary Studio Layout

 The design studio layout has been underway for a few weeks now and I finally have some screen shots of the preliminary floor plan.
An overview from behind the steps. 
I have sectioned off the unfinished basement based on the tasks that I do in a creative space. This will be great as the basement of this house is the same square footage as the entire space that I had been living in before.

Mixed media and draping area
 The laundry area has a table and chairs, a cart between the washer and dryer and a garment rack next to the washer or dryer (I am not sure which is which and I see I forgot to put in the laundry tub) I can tweak it when I get there.. the drop leaf craft table is an additional cutting table if I need it. There is also room for the dress form.. I plan on utilizing this much more for apparel sewing and weight management.
Cutting and layout, sewing cabinet and Materials storage
 This is the back corner, here is where the totes of materials are to be stored. The long table is for cutting out larger yardage and the black cabinet is my sewing machine cabinet. The long table will also double as my pressing table, with the pressing board on top.
Laundry table and work table
 The ikea storage drawers under the table hold all print making and cutting tools for sewing. It is handy having them right there as well as the ability to roll them out for additional work space.
sitting area and computer workstation
This is the area for sitting and looking at magazines, books and other inspiring materials. A place for preliminary research and project defining.

That is what I have so far. I am very excited to be able to have this space, even if it is only for 10 months. It is definitely an upgrade from the work space I had before.. I will be ready to learn pattern drafting in October, maybe even September depending on how things fall into place.

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  1. Wow, Shelly! I'll be following the design of your creative space very closely for ideas I can use in my own sewing area. I've never seen an article on HOW to design a functional sewing space. The articles I've seen are always about existing spaces but not about what to take into consideration concerning storage, lighting, cutting out, pressing, stitching--and workflow.


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