Home Decorating Sewing

Home decor sewing consists mostly of drapery panels, bedskirts, pillow covers and table linens. It is more experimental sewing for me, as I like to expand the basics of the drapery making world. I like to change header sizes and create new pleat structures.

I prefer to design and specify Home Furnishings more for others than to sew them myself. I have professional workrooms that do my sewing for me. They take my specifications and make exactly what I want, the way I want it made. It is truly rewarding, because their artisanship is so beautiful. They are proficient with their skills and have wonderfully laid out and functioning workrooms to execute such beauty.

But, when I am inspired to do something with a fabulous piece of fabric that is inspiring, possibly a prototype for something I may like to specify someday...

This is the page with potential projects I want to explore...

Potential pillows

Heavy Linen black navy

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