Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Designing the layout of a studio

A reader's comment inspired further investigation of the post Preliminary Studio Layout. As I worked out the preliminary space plan, I realized, I did not have accurate information as to where the electrical outlets are! This could be a problem, as sewing machines, sergers and lamps all take electricity. I knew there were washer and dryer outlets, usually they only service the dedicated appliance. So that source was off limits.

As it is an UNfinished basement.. the outlets could be anywhere and Nowhere! So, on sunday when we went to get the keys, I checked it out. Most of the electrical was concentrated in the corner where I had originally set up the sitting area. The way I had it originally, my sewing machine would be in the darkest part of the basement.

Here is my thought process.

Laundry work station
Starting from the left as one enters the space, is the laundry room. That is the main function of the basement and after further 'paying attention' the laundry tub and a utility cabinet take up the remainder of that wall. The space between the washer and dryer will house the cabinet that used to keep my baking items in the kitchen. The dehydrator also lived on top of it. Now laundry soap, iron and related items will belong in there. The drop leaf vintage formica table also from the old kitchen will be centered with a bright vintage table cloth and refinished vintage chairs that currently look like this.

Laundry table chairs.. need some work.. 
This will function as a laundry folding area and a work desk for my laptop. Entering data into Quickbooks (once I get that set up, a bit of overwhelm going on with that one) and then filing into the file cabinets.

Mom has two bright pink file cabinets. I remember thinking, oh, those are pretty for such a utilitarian object, they would brighten up the basement! She asked the other day if I would like them. I said yes, not knowing where I would put them, but knowing I would find a place. The other file drawer, an Ikea piece, will go next to the chimney. There is an area near the furnace that it will nestle nicely into. Directly behind that area will now become the storage area. There will be some exercise equipment there as well, not sure how inspiring that is, it will definitely evolve as I use the space.

The storage area close to the washing machine and the small table is a good location, as when I bring fabric home (I should make a rule that I can NOT bring any more into the space for the next 10 months, although, I am not sure I am ready to commit to that right now) I wash it and press it, so it is ready for whatever I am going to make with it. My paints and other things can also go in the utility cupboard.
storage area, something tells me it will look much different!

What was going to be the storage corner because I thought it would be the darkest and farthest corner of the basement is now going to be the sitting area. There is my friend's sofa that we need to keep somewhere, so it will be here. My grandfathers chair will also live down here, with the barrister bookcase. In this bookcase will be my fabulous library of Art books, Sewing books, Interior Design Books et al.  So, there will be lamps on tables and a cozy area for curling up and being inspired.
Sitting area to be inspired and research material

The area from there is the creative table and pair of Ikea 'Alex' file drawers. The bookcases that I repainted last summer will keep in process projects and other items of interest.
Work table and pink file cabinets 
Next where the sitting area was going to be, is the area where the most electrical outlet concentration is. This is where my sewing cabinet will be. It will be visible from the stairs as one enters the basement. Incentive to put things away when I am done with them. We'll see how that goes.
Sewing cabinet and computer desk
And finally the computer will stay where it is. It is my friend's desktop computer, so keeping it easily accessible and near a 'quick exit'  was important to my plan. I didn't want him to have to navigate my labyrinth of work stations to get to his.

We had talked of it going up into his bedroom, however, I don't think there will be much room for that. The bedrooms are really small, I am taking the smaller of the two. Mostly because it faces east. I had an east facing bedroom growing up, it just seemed the natural one for me to pick. The attic access is in that room as well.. so maybe an expansion of sorts... ?

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