Creative Space Essentials

Here is a list of  The essentials for a functioning and aesthetically pleasing creative workspace:

  • Adequate and proper lighting for specific areas of the space. 
  • Ample storage for tools, supplies, materials, work in process, project queue, shipping and receiving, etc. These are just a few of the obvious storage requirements.
  • Workspace that follows an efficient workflow pattern, minimizing steps, streamlining the process and is ergonomically comfortable for the task and your physical characteristics.
  • Surfaces that perform well under the conditions required by activities, materials and general wear and tear. 
  • A color palette that psychologically enhances the creative experience. Stimulating, relaxing, inspiring, these are a few of the feelings to consider in the workspace. The palette will also work within the lighting, space and surface restrictions. 
  • A layout of storage, workspace and lighting to maximize the time spent in the space, providing an environment of enjoyment, efficiency and satisfaction. 

Of course this is by no means an exhaustive and complete list, it is a basic beginning for assessing any space. As I delve deeper into this 'quest for designing the perfect creative space', I will be adding to this.. Future posts will further develop the concepts of each bullet point.

With designing, there is more than one way of achieving the 'perfect space'. The end user is the determining factor of success. Does it function for you? Will you enjoy spending time, doing what you are meant to do in the area? Too many distractions? Not enough inspiration? It is a fine balance and as our lifestyle may become more hectic or slowed down, there must be room to tweak the space to accommodate the fluctuations. It may be as simple as a switch, a dimmer switch for the lighting, or spending time in a different work zone. 

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