Friday, January 25, 2013

Inspiration & Refernce -Books

Welcome back! I have been busy... There is a new facebook page for Shelly's Design Studio, so if you are on Facebook,( check it out.. There are also some new changes on the website, the link is at the bottom of the page. 
How is the creative assessment coming along for you? I have been busy working on details to make things more organized and will continue to post the progress. On to the next challenge. 

Now that you have an idea of the creative interests you have, let’s move on to the books. 

Do you have books scattered all over your home? Do you have a dedicated space for your creative reference and inspirations? 

Start here. 

Gather all of your books, at least the creative ones, into one area. What types of books are they? Sewing, painting? 

Here is a list of the books by type or subject that I have. 

  1. Books
    1. Sewing
      1. Quilting
      2. Soft Furnishings
      3. Fashion
      4. Other
    2. Decortive & Faux Painting
    3. Weaving
    4. Color
    5. Art & Style
    6. Bookbinding
    7. Tile/Tile Making/Mosaics
    8. Printmaking
    9. Digital & Computer Media
    10. Needlework
    11. Interior Design
    12. Drawing
    13. Calligraphy/Script & Typography

They are not in order of importance or by order of number of books. Right now they are on my bookcases, by subject and physical size of the books and how that relates to the shelves. Some of the books that are too tall, are flat on the shelf, rather than upright. I find this gives a more interesting look to the bookcase. It makes it more approachable. It looks used, relaxed and comfortable. A horizontal line does indicate relaxation. Not to mention, it is just practical. Some books are contained within bookends, while another shelf has a mirrored glass bowl. 

Eventually, all of my creative books will be together. I do have some technique books downstairs in the studio. They have yet to be organized. 

Books will have a wealth of ideas as far as tools and supplies in many of them. So, when we get to that step, you will begin referencing for workspace and storage set up. 

Have fun gathering your books, allow yourself some time to get sidetracked and if there is something that really inspires you, write it down... it might not be a bad idea to create a journal as you go through this process. For me, the blog is my journal, helping me to keep it all together, not repeat the same steps (I do that a lot! Circles, I can do many circles!)

Let me know how your progress is going. Have you any questions along the way? Please comment or share what works for you.. enjoy the process. 

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