Friday, January 18, 2013

Progress report and visual evolutions of the current creative space

Painting area and first shelves before
Painting area and first shelf -after

Above photos are where I started. My challenge is how and where to store drawing materials, finished drawings and flat paper projects. I moved the rolls into the thin tote on the top shelf. I would love to have a set of map drawers in my dream studio for just such materials. Some of my finished artwork, I amy even consider framing. Some are projects from college, they bring back memories and happy thoughts. I think my perfect studio ought to have display space for this. Maybe the pencil drawings in a hot pink lacquered frame! Ooh, how fun would that be!

Between the shelves are stacks of bins, the before picture shows how precarious they all are. The after photo, all I did was move similar totes together for efficient stacking and grouping of like things, to make it look and feel less cluttered.
Between shelves before
Between shelves-after
 Here is the view of the shelving looking neat and tidy. I will be sorting through each bin. My plan is to donate five totes worth of fabric to the Textile Center Garage sale in April. So far the clear plastic zipper bag is the start of my purging.
After sorting bins on the shelves
 This shelf unit has a lateral file drawer and the shelves are deep enough to hold binders. I have categorized all of my binders and labeled them. The purple and white ones, have been covered with wallpaper. It makes for a neat and unified looking shelf and not so cluttered. The others are quilting references.

The office supply cabinet: Printer papers, CD's, inks, paper clips, binder clips, miscellaneous samples and some supplies. This is not how it will stay, but I can see how the space can be used and the purpose evolved. At this point, I am assessing what I have and what I need to make space for storing. 

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