Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Beginning of the Reformation and the Fabric Revelation!

The blog is reforming. Yesterday, I spent the day sorting through 4 totes of fabric. Photographing the contents and determining the use of the stash. Each tote has been assigned a type of sewing.

There are Home Decorating fabrics, some with a purpose, some, without... yet. Some I let go of, I did not photograph those. I most likely will, so I don't hunt for them later.

Then I went through apparel sewing. Ultimately, I would like to pair the patterns with the fabrics. Some fabrics I don't have a pattern for, but an idea in my head. I will have to enlist the talent and skill of my friend Edith for those projects.

The new pages that have appeared showcase the photos of the fabrics I have photographed. As this library of photos grows, the blog template that I am using will most likely have to change as well... it is really tricky getting a gallery of photos on this particular template.

The categories for my sewing are:

You may have other types of sewing that you do. Get as specific as you like. I find my 'collections' of fabric is quite large, so I have attempted to break it down into smaller, more manageable bites. 

I have found photographing the vast number of things in my various collections, from wardrobe, to fabric, has been cathartic. There are clothes, fabrics, patterns and yes, even magazines that I am attached to. I am just not ready to let them go. But I also don't want to move a bunch of stuff that I never use and could never possibly enjoy the presence of. It all goes into storage if I am not using it. 

Photographing the items, and then cataloging them onto the blog, I can see how they all relate to each other. The orphan pieces really stand out. Other pieces, seeing them in a photograph, lose their appeal. It is true that a photo will never do justice to the real thing. But the objectivity... I have found this most true with photographing things from my wardrobe. The 100 photos I took of clothes on my dress form, inspired me to focus on my body and my weight. (This is the whole purpose of all of this!-That is the Revelation)

I can see on the dress form, that some items of clothing, do not reflect me, I am not that person anymore. I have transitioned away from her. While, some articles of clothing are such an accurate expression of me, I get excited and giddy about the thought of wearing those things again. My confidence is directly related to how I feel about myself. How I feel about myself is directly related to how I take care of myself... it is a vicious cycle. Jump in at any time. 

My sewing is an extension of my wardrobe. I have released so many items of clothing that I have sewn over the years. Some of which I regret. I do not want to regret anything. I want to integrate the fabrics into who I am now and who I am becoming. Sharing their beauty with the world and the transformation of a flat two dimensional piece of artistry, into a three dimensional form. Dressing myself or dressing my home, it doesn't matter.  Passion for fabric is in the air that I breathe. 

Planning another purge this afternoon... 

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