Monday, January 21, 2013

What is on my mind...

It is the coldest day of the year so far. -9 degrees this morning....and I get to go out! I am meeting a friend for lunch today and having drinks with another friend at her house late afternoon.
Happily,  the temperature downstairs has remained consistent at least; it averages about 60 degrees in the basement.  It isn't too bad when working moving around. Sitting at a sewing machine, is not as comfortable. So, other activities are best for days like today. But no time today..... 

It is the middle of our lease here at the 'little cottage by the river'.  The thought of packing up and moving again is weighing heavy on my mind. I am not looking forward to it, but yet, I am. I know the next place will have more room than we have right now. Unpacking will be less miserable than before, and somethings will have a place again. There is a great deal of kitchen things stored in the garage. 

We are definitely looking for a better kitchen. We would like to get a duplex, although, there are not many available in the area. The ones that do come up, don't seem to stay on the market long. I trust the timing will be right.... on most days.... some days I am gripped with fear and dismay. I know this is unnecessary, but it does cross my mind. Right now there are some very adorable little houses (that are bigger than this one) that may suffice as well. We will see. Life is definitely an adventure, there are a lot of unknowns that haven't formulated yet. 

The website continues to be a priority. The background is completed, the problem now, the vertical seams of the pattern do not match up properly. I will need to go back into photoshop and remedy this. There goes another afternoon! I have some small projects cut out downstairs that it would be refreshing to stitch up as something different than computer work. 

 The four photos near the bottom of the home page now will link to different projects. The featured project will share some of the criteria set forth by the clients and how the results have been achieved. The first one is up and running. The additional projects all need to be formatted for the web and cropped. I will be collecting more photos this week.

I was going to write about storage today, but my mind can't seem to stay clear. So, I reserve that post for later in the week. I want to work out a checklist for assessing your own space. I just haven't gotten to it yet and I can't think anymore. 
Have a wonderful day, stay warm if it is cold where you are... more accurately; be comfortable where ever you are and stop a moment to witness the beauty of it!

Until next time, 

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