Friday, January 4, 2013

Perfection and Limitations

Today's goal is to go live with the website for Shelly's Design Studio. I have learned a few new things about Wordpress and the particular theme that I have selected for the time being. After researching other themes. I really didn't find one I like as well as the one I have been working with.

The process has been good for me to answer some questions about myself, what I do and how I do it. It has given me an opportunity to review my past experience and the experiences of my clients. I have reviewed the policies that I have put in place for my own structure and work habits, as well as some additional procedures and policies for further growth and development of my company.

With this web-site, I am separating myself from my design practice. It doesn't define who I am, it is an expression of who I am. This has proven to be more challenging than I thought.  I realize, web-sites and technology in general are not areas where I have a great deal of experience. It will most likely show when I get the thing launched, but I have the ability to change and update whatever I find to be in need of changing.

The whole thing is a process, design is a process, life is a process.  You just go day to day, sometimes minute by minute, doing the best you are capable of in that moment and keep moving. There is no such thing as static perfection, only the perfection of what you are capable of in any particular moment. So, it is more like a living perfection, a practice of intentional actions, based on values and character, rather than in order to's. (If I do x, then I will get y)

There are infinite possibilities in life. Focus on what you want to experience being you. Visualize it at your core. Align your mind, your emotion and your spirit. Clarity of focus, every detail, answer every question you may have about that experience, without limiting the freedom of the universe. (by universe, I mean every entity involved, seen and unseen)

Yesterday, I met with my friend Paula for the day, we played with her fabrics and patterns, creating projects, as well as shared our processes about creating, blogging, In that conversation, I made a statement. A principle by which I live, although, have recently forgotten.

"whomever has the most clear vision- WINS"

I could see it land within her in its appropriate place. Her response was, "oooh, and not necessarily the best idea, just the most clear."

"EXACTLY!!" I responded.

I am creating my own website right now to answer the questions and obtain the clarity necessary for my  design practice to evolve and grow how I want it to be. Not how an industry defines it, nor how anyone else defines their design practice, or how a web designer interprets me or my practice.

My confidence and skill come from my experience. No one else has had my experiences. I can communicate my experiences, share the impact they have had in my life, but no one else will really 'get' them the way I do. I need to experience the challenges of defining this website, not because I am a control freak, because I want to know what I don't know to ensure that the person I hire does know! I want to know that they see what I can not or, they know what questions to ask for us to discover the answer together.

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