Friday, January 11, 2013

Creative Limitations and Breaking the Barriers

As a senior, I shared with my high school art teacher, my intent to pursue art in college. I was particularly focused on Fine Art, which I realize, at the time was all I was aware of. She suggested I pursue design or commercial illustration. (yup, that is how long ago it was, computer and graphic design was not really being practiced and the quality of the graphics, is by today's standards, hilarious, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?) She suggested something more structured than Fine Art, as she thought it was more beneficial to my approach to projects. At the time, I was very offended and felt as if she was saying I wasn't good enough.  However, in hindsight, she was absolutely correct, I needed structure to create. 

Into my design courses at the University, one of my Professors, shared with the class 'the way it works'. He is the client. He sets the limitations for the project. He is the one who needs to be pleased. Even if the work was good, if he didn't like it as the client, it didn't get a good grade. (Of course, this was hypothetical, as a professional and art historian, he had the ability to be objective regarding the aesthetics and look at the project as its fulfillment of the criteria set forth, although, many students disliked him for this reason.) I understood completely what he was saying and honed my ability to communicate and execute the intention of my design concept within the limitations of the project. My grades were 'A's'. 

This skill is essential in what I do professionally in working with clients. 

In present day,  I am again pursuing personal projects. It is a need to expand beyond what has become first nature for me. Also, I have acquired the skill to create my own limitations for a project. I further practice this with others who are interested in exploring creative expression, experience and theories for themselves.  It is great fun. Today, I am off to meet with a college friend for her birthday and we are going to do a '1 day' project. That is the limitation we have set so far... we will see what we come up with. 

So, the blog is going to morph into my personal creative endeavors, while the Website (which is equipped with a blog feature) will chronicle my professional creative process. There will be some overlap and cross linking between the two. As a client or a creative playmate, I am whole and complete and the two me's influence each other. 

If you haven't checked out the website... here is the link.

Have a great weekend. 

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