Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April is Minnesota Blizzard Month!

Yes, it is nearing the end part of April and the weather is looking like a white Christmas here in Minnesota! Every three to four days, we get a deep and white boat load of snow. It is pretty and it melts pretty fast, so the white doesn't have time to get really dirty. But, green leaves and grass would be a welcome sight. I am liking the color of the sky, bright blue, deep wet tree bark black and crisp sparkly white.. it is a pretty lace pattern against the sky.

We went looking at open houses on Sunday. We managed to see 16 of them. Many were quite out of the price range, but it was nice to see what we are aspiring to. Many of the favorites were from the 1930's era. Many had original features, some even the original linoleum floors! One, had the original TERRAZZO floors, countertops and backsplash in the kitchen and bath. Very lovely, this was a spacious home that was quite out of range, but oh, to aspire to bring back the charm of that era in something that has been less than cared for.

That is the plan.. not much sewing, but the creative wheels are spinning.  As the threads of life are being spun, the process is rich with experience, emotions and very ripe for sharing... Enjoy your spring where ever you are!

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