Friday, April 5, 2013

Late night catching up

Hello everyone! It has been a while and I have felt very scattered this last month. With every other day literally for the last month going to a new job, I wasn't necessarily looking for, has been challenging. I really was looking for additional ways to market Shelly's Design Studio, but, yet, I have a job again. I love talking with people about their projects, but I am itching to actually WORK on one! Collaborate with homeowners, that is what I love to do!

But today, I had a special break and went to my friend Paula's of and did some sewing. We had a lovely time catching up and working on our projects. We talked about our blogs and 'getting things sewn'. She said it was most important for her to let her readers know, she does indeed get things sewn! I laughed and replied, for me, it is getting to be important that my readers actually know I own a sewing machine!

What I worked on were some panels to make some skirts for myself. Recycling fabric is what I did! I have had old cotton samples that are a heavier cotton and would be perfect for skirts. Sew! I did! I sewed panels for six skirts, all with multiple panels and prints. The next step is to add some decorative stitching, some embellishment and then cut out the skirt pattern pieces, stitch together and hopefully wear! Photos will be taken soon and posted in the next post with descriptions of further embellishments of my recycled fabric skirts!

It was good to sew again!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I am looking forward to seeing photos of your panels and resulting skirts. I've never pieced together fabrics for a garment. I'm afraid my efforts would look "homemade." How ever do you coordinate patterns and colors in a sophisticated way in one garment?

    1. Wow, sorry I didn't notice there was a comment awaiting moderation. Usually they go to my e-mail first... I actually just finished up some of the decorative stitching on the panels and this weekend I am going to spend some time cutting out a skirt and putting it together. I am not sure how these will turn out either.. but, it seems like they might be rather fun for spring and summer.


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