Monday, April 29, 2013

What is pressing on your creative brain?

Happy Monday all! This morning I am reminded, there are endless things that need to be done. However, to be truly present to any one of them, what is it that you would rather be doing?

I have had color on my mind for two weeks now. Developing color palettes, just basic starter palettes for I don't know what yet....

In my minds eye, there are yellow and citrus colors with a spark of contrast.. imagine lemons on lush green branches with blue sky peeking through and then a surprise color... or dark chocolate and deep purples and wine, with champagne and blush... these are a few that I would love to further develop. The context is still a mystery, no, I take that back, I know exactly what I want to develop these palettes for. And I am going to let it incubate and percolate a while longer before revealing. Nothing may ever come of it, but it is occupying valuable creative space right now.

Maybe it is just a test to see if I will take action and make room for my own creative development again. It does involve another person or entity to create a finished product or products.. and the niche is very particular. Not the mass market, a little more exclusive, something for those who want something a bit different, it isn't trendy, it is classic and will enhance any decor.... stay tuned my friends, not to see what it is (although that is a good idea) no, more like....

"Will Shelly take action on developing the idea in her mind? Will it lead to anything expressive and hopefully profitable?" Will she sell out on herself and put her energy where there is the least amount of return on her investment? Her biggest investment being herself and everything design... Stay tuned for next week's post... What will Shelly do?"

Until then, have a fabulous week and enjoy the sunshine... 

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