Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Tuesday's Journal Entry

Today, I find myself inspired to tackle many overdue projects and getting back to sorting. The fabric is sorted, the Textile Center Garage sale is over, the donations made it to their destination. This morning I sorted the last of the buttons into my system. That system may change, but for now, it will work. Buttons are all in one place, sorted by color in plastic art organizers. There are four containers. One for Whites and yellows, another for reds, pinks, oranges, another for blues, greens, blacks and browns, and a fourth for metal buttons and parts for making covered buttons.

As I sorted through the buttons, the memories of my friends mom, Fran were present in my mind. I found myself really missing her and wishing she were still here. But then, she was, I could feel her presence and hear her voice in my heart. I also was very present to the new memories created with my friend Shelly Ann, sorting through her mothers crafty things in the basement that we played together in as children.

Tears of sadness well in my eyes as I write this, but they are stirred with and transforming into warmth and gratitude for the presence of these people in my life. To all of you who have crossed my path and or shared a part of my journey..."You have long been a part of my love and support system all of my life. The memories, experiences, lessons and love you have shared with me, shape who I am. For this I am truly grateful. Without you, the experience of being me, would not have been what it is."

All of this, from a collection of mismatched, old buttons... which carry memories and energy of their own, the love and admiration that the individuals who have collected and saved them, are integrated into their beauty and patina. A piece of ourselves is left behind to share with those who obtain the treasures formerly in our stewardship. Building their auras along their journey from owner to owner, each using and reusing to meet their needs and express their part of the journey. We are all a part of a creative work of art in process, it is living and dying and being reborn again into the next thing..

Enjoy the journey, enhance the lives of your fellow travelers, empowering them to explore the adventure of creating the reality we all have at our core.


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