Friday, November 16, 2012

No Sew Wednesday... But....

Wednesday ended up being a no sew day, because I started priming furniture instead. I have three pieces that I want to put on an etsy store before the end of the year. Two pieces, are a pair of end tables I posted a long time back ... the other is a vanity and mirror that we picked up a savers. The piece has some very nice details and is VERY beat up. Nothing to strip and refinish... but to clean up and repaint... oh, the fun of it.
Last weekends treasure hunt find

everything gets primed, even the handles

Drawer fronts primed and ready for base
As I am not doing any faux finishes or wall finished myself these days for clients... I don't want to be out of the loop that many days away from my routine... my painting fix can be addressed with small furniture items. I need to get these three done, so I can post them and then go find more 'diamonds in the rough'.

Yesterday, was another day of website madness and working with my personal version of 'wordpress.augghhh!' I am learning some things and will most likely start shifting things around on this blog as I learn more.. progress is being made, not at the pace I would like, but I am out of my realm of experience here. It is frustrating, as I can visualize what I want.. getting there is..well, challenging. I will not give up. I did finally, at 11:30 last night figure out how to create pages on the website... slooooowww progress.. but, it is rewarding to learn something new. Well, it is off to another busy day... See you monday... with any luck, there will be a link to activated in the next post...

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