Friday, June 8, 2012

Something for me, something for you

It has been a busy week indeed. I promised a post regarding my new project inspiration, this is NOT it! I am not intentionally building suspense, it is just happening that way. I will say, it is a very inspiring project for ME! So it is something I can share with you!  It involves a beautiful marbled paper that I found at my local DickBlick and this end table, of which there are a pair. When a friend moved, they were in his storage unit and he said I could have them. We bought them together for his house from an estate sale. He then moved out of state. When I went to retrieve them, the movers had gouged the tops of both of them. They are Hammary, a good brand of furniture, solid, most likely from the 70's... maybe earlier.  I haven't researched them at this point. They match the floor to closely and I am going to use them as a base for some functional creative expression. That is all I am going to say at this point about them.. watch for future posts on the progress of these as well. (No, I am not a person that works on one project at a time... I used to be.. come to think of it, I got more completed that way, inspiration for the next thing leads to motivation for the current thing.. ) Maybe it is time to correct that habit? What works for you? one project or multiple projects?

The messed up top :(

Any way, this week is a reminder of what happens and why I don't get my projects started ... or finished for that matter! I am not frustrated, just observing my lifestyle patterns and how I rearrange my schedule for others at my own expense. I started a creative calendar yesterday. One for blog posts AND projects to share with you. If I am working on a project for myself, sharing it with you keeps me inspired in the process.  It is important to make time for yourself... if you don't, no one else does... except when you get so crabby they can't stand to be around you! I find for me when that happens, I can't stand to be around myself either! Take time for YOU!!!

And now, if you would do something for me :) -- please I need a tie breaker for the ric-rac-ric-rac-ric-rac....... from the previous post.

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