Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We are under Construction!

Yesterday, I spent the entire day working on a Website for Shelly's Design Studio. To this date, we haven't had one. I have had the privilege  of working with some wonderful people through referrals. The projects have varied from element to element in a room setting.

Some want to focus on paint colors, some want to focus on soft furnishings, others want new furniture and others want full service interior design. I am greatly touched and moved by many of the things they have to say about working with me.

The experience they have with me and the finished results are rewarding for all. I am looking to get this across in my website.

I don't want a website that has a gallery of finished work.. there are a lot of people out there doing some beautiful things. And the interiors all start to look the same. I do NOT want to do the SAME thing.

I rely on my clients personality to provide the key element for the transformation of their home. It is their needs, likes and dislikes that shape the basis for my design concept. This forces me to think out of the box. It keeps the work from becoming trendy. I am a style maker not a trend follower.

Working with current materials and products does give an updated and 'trendy' feel to the project, many times however, I am integrating treasured pieces of the family, parts of their past.  Even the house itself lends cue's as to proportion and certain elements of style to be repeated or pronounced.

A site that conveys the personality of my clients is what I want.. I want to work with people that enjoy working with me. I am pretty easy to get along with, many have said I am fun (I like to think so, I want to have fun at what I am doing).

As an interior designer, I develop, communicate and hold the vision for the project. If the client were able to do this, they would not have called me in. The contractor knows construction, they are experienced in this. Design is my realm. I take the function and partner it with an aesthetic that works for the client and the house... and my expertise. At this point in my career, I cannot knowingly allow myself to let something by that is going to look odd. I do very detailed and calculated research to know in advance if something is going to be in MY tolerance range. If it is out of my comfort zone, I do not endorse it.

 Let me just say, I am fearless when it comes to creativity. I am willing to put things together that have not been paired before. I am confident in my understanding of the design elements and assess each of them before moving forward with the unorthodox pairing. Color being a prime example of this. I like to put colors together that would not ordinarily be playmates. It is all in the proportion in making these oddities work. Resulting in individualized spaces that reflect personality, invitation and warmth.

My hope is that by next monday's post there will be a link for all of you to
(not active yet).. I will activate links when it goes live..

This is a big step for me, a commitment to my passion of design and the willingness to share a something that is sacred to me with the WORLD.

Thank you all for reading and being my ears as I process this communication beyond my own inner critics.

It is a sewing/project day today... so, friday we'll have pictures... see you then..

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