Monday, November 19, 2012

Update on the Website

The website is still in the works, progress is slow. It was such a lovely weekend, we spent most of it outside doing yard work and running errands.

My last Pixels and Pens class was on saturday morning. What a great community education class!

I learned a great deal in it and actually started drawing again... I must not lose momentum with drawing. I love to draw,  I always have. The last class was partially spent on creating patterns in photoshop. I get it. I even created some quick things saturday to make sure I had the steps down. I think I may even be able to take a screen shot and apply it here. (we learned that too)
On a fabric width this repeats better, this is letter size paper. 

Small print to coordinate with the flower. 
Ok, so, they aren't screen shots, however, you get the idea. I can see a collection forming.. so, spoonflower and etsy may be near future endeavors as well. Do I have too much on my plate? 

No, learning new stuff keeps me stimulated and my client projects are more fluid and creative. This is my practice ground where I test my theories.. I don't test theories on clients. I do what I know is going to work, based on my experience, professionally, through my formal training and through my continued pursuit of understanding of design elements and their relationships. 

Writing the content for the website has been good. It is getting me in touch with my core values in what I want to experience and what I provide for my clients to experience. It isn't about making pretty spaces. It has never been about that for me. Beauty is definitely part of the recipe, it is a by product of function. (that is another post) or maybe a post for the deign studio blog. PD, has declared, I must blog about design on the website. I think she is right. I have too many discoveries that don't get shared. I integrate them into my understanding and don't get them developed into communication. 

I am also reading Midas Touch by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. The chapter on branding is where I am at now. I am starting to recognize MY 'brand'. That too is another post. It is a very good book. I recently realized the trouble with my business, is I haven't fully developed and documented my systems. I can stop design training. Much of the design training (unless it is a new media or tool) is not as rewarding as just doing projects on my own and discovering new things. It is the business development part that has been missing for me. 

In the past, to supplement my income, I worked for retailers, interior designers and high end drapery workrooms. Many, not all, became more profitable from my ability to improve their systems and policies. But until now I never FULLY made the connection to my own business.... now I get it. I am passionate about design, I need to create my systems and really do what I love, because I love it! 

I am not going to promise when the website will go live. This morning I am off to take some photos of a project, then meet with a rep to review carpet installation layouts. I want to know where the seams are going to be and do my due diligence and ask questions if they are placed in the best positions and not compromise how the carpet performs in the space. This is what I do, no surprises! Only pleasant ones are allowed and I do everything I can to avoid the unpleasant ones for my clients. If my clients are unpleasantly surprised, most likely I am too. I dislike unpleasant surprises. 

It is off with my day... be back on wednesday... 

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