Monday, July 8, 2013

Style- Your own Personal Discovery

Style -

We all have it. It is there, in our DNA. How we express it is also unique to us and part of that style. Self expression of style is a sign of a healthy relationship with yourself. 

Developing your personal style is like developing a personal structure. You have to follow someone elses until you find your own.

Magazine photo of a lovely tile floor
Where do you start? Choose an area of self expression that you are drawn to. Your personal clothing, your hair, make-up, a room in your house, the exterior color of your house... and look at what is out there... Find things you like. You don’t have to actually do those things, just begin collecting things that appeal to you. Gather a folder on your computer, or a stash of magazine tears in a folder (or in my case a box, well, no actually BOXES) Anything that you find that you like. 

Just collect, allow yourself to do this over a period of time, days, weeks, even months. Don’t anaylyse, just collect. 

After an allotted amount of time, start looking at your collection. Sort the photos in any way that makes sense to you. Maybe you like the colors in a picture, or there is a furniture piece that is really great. Perhaps there is a silhouette that excites you or a pair of shoes that puts a spring in your step. None of the things have to be related. There could be a pile of pics that feature the same color, shape, room, a wardrobe, a garden, just allow your intuition to sort it all for you. 

You may find at this point, that not only have you found fabulous photos that depict your style, but you may have found that certain objects, colors or apparel peices have crept their way into your possession. 

A beautifully textured white purse
Detail of a ceiling in a local ice cream shop
Congratulations, you are attracting those things that are the most expressive of your personal style.  The areas of your life that have your attention now, should start to shift.  Your consciousness is now engaged and you are beginning to know yourself. 

Remember, style is not stagnant, it evolves as a personal beacon, illuminating to the world how you as an individual are growing and expanding. (hopefully not your size!) While you may always be drawn to certain colors or clothing articles, keep yourself from becoming too saturated in one area, venture out into changing it up a bit. Venture out into a clothing article you wouldn’t normally wear, or a color that is a bit darker or lighter than what you normally wear. Maybe add a color to create a combination you haven’t tried yet. When you allow your style to breathe, it doesn’t date you. You find the things in current fashion that work and utilize them. You will inherently avoid the things in the current fashion that don’t work for you. There is nothing less appealing than being a slave to fashion and looking like it in your dress or in your home. 

All should be a natural expression and reflection of you and where you are at. Have fun with it.

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