Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bodega Bay on the Balcony!

The heat has finally broken here. There is a beautiful breeze flowing through the apartment and the birds are chirping like crazy. Actually, it looks like Bodega Bay on my balcony! When we moved in so did some swallows. We didn't do much about it, as we were moving in and no time to sit outside.

Now that things are getting put away,  the babies have hatched and found a perch circling the top of the wind chime. Apparently the whole flock comes and feeds them and there are droppings everywhere. The chairs are covered! I will spare you a photo as it is not a pretty sight. Now, how to get them to move on. I like having birds around, but they have taken over and we can't even go out there. So, a request to the office, I guess.

Things definitely are getting 'put away'.  This weekend, I went to my parents and sorted through and reorganized the things being stored out there. Extra furniture, painting projects, and most all of the fabric. Not much here to work with. Everything is packed tightly to minimize the space that I would need to take up.

I would like to get my sewing machine cabinet back here, I think I have a space for it in the LR and so much of my sewing things can be stored in the upper cabinet. My bedroom is still a maze of boxes and unpacked miscellaneous things that need a home.

Sew, no painting this summer I am afraid, maybe some small pieces that I have here, but none of the furniture. Sewing, yes, small projects. I am really wanting to work on some silk Sylvia's blocks... but I have to find the silk. It is in my room somewhere, maybe even packed in the closet... Some serious organizing has to happen in there. The closets also have to be purged and sorted. Getting a system of storage and workspace set up is essential to getting anything done. Including design work.

Creating a new office routine, setting up new systems that work is a challenge. The thoughts of it have me exhausted. Which, is why there has been little writing. As I progress, documenting the process will be good blogging material, as this is the major obstacle of creating. The ultimate distraction!

I am wondering to write in the moment or to have planned blog posts. Sometimes I think the planned ones are more visually appealing, but the spontaneous topics, are more cathartic for me. Inspired, that is what they will be... until next time... 

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