Thursday, June 27, 2013

Create a New Routine

In a different space, with different limitations, it is time to get creative about being creative.

Keeping the overwhelm demons at bay, is a challenge. As boxes get opened and the mish-mash of contents reveal themselves, context is missing. I wonder, what am I REALLY going to do with that? How do I really want this space to look when everything is put away? What will I really, feasibly be able to do here? How and when?

Then the demons start screaming again! The quiet voice of calm whispers, one box at a time, one task at a time, one day at a time. She at least limits it to three, or the demons start up again.. that is a lot to remember, one thing at a time.

The little things that I did for myself that others may think crazy, helped keep the demons under control. It appeased them, that we were at least doing SOMETHING! But there is so much more to do!

We want to do so much more. Perhaps the trick is to get the demons on board, align them with the same desire as the rest of us. What could they possibly be resisting? Success? Accomplishment? Those demons, they like to be victims, to be immersed in drama. It makes them feel important. I need them to be helpful, to become part of the team. I can not let them drive the bus anymore.

So demons, to the back seat with you! ...and put on your seat belts... we are in for fun and rewarding ride!

(Maybe I need to identify the demons and help them to be acknowledged... train them to be team members... yes, to quote a friend... "is she trainable?")  We will see with these guys!

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