Monday, June 24, 2013

What For? My current answer to a haunting question......

A Raging Minnehaha Creek, just above the Falls
Well, it is about time to try this again. Get back into a writing routine. The move is done, unpacking is coming along. Not so much of a deadline this time.

This time, I am focusing on the business, not so much making this home. I mean, it is what it defaults to, but this too, is only temporary. Creating a solid marketing plan and business structure. That is the next 'big' creation to focus on for me. I have some ideas that are still vague and hazy and became even more so with the intensity of the move. So, it is time to sit and write what I can and share the development of a dream. The sorting of an action plan, the deciphering of the what for?

What for? That has often been a question that comes up for me. What am I doing this for. Usually, it only occurs when it is something I want for myself. When I get caught up in the doing for others, that doesn't really show up. What's in it for me? Maybe that is the question that lies at the heart of everything I do, everything I focus my attention and energy towards.

What for? What is the meaning of life? I know a daunting and big question that is somewhat trite, but really, why do any of us do anything? Who knows what things will be remembered and what things will be forgotten? Who really cares what someone else did? I am often inspired by the stories of others. The challenges and triumphs of overcoming whatever obstacles were in their way of success is an intriguing story to follow.

For me, the meaning of life is to create. Not only pretty things, but experiences. The ultimate creation is to declare and create an experience. Hmmm, now let us distinguish experiences. An experience is something that engages all of our senses. Our sense of touch, taste, smell, vision and hearing are the five that are common awareness, but the sixth, the intuitive one, when that is activated and engaged, the experience is remembered, it can be relived over and over and over again.

Many of us have no problem remembering unpleasant experiences. Where we were, what we were wearing, the taste of something we were eating or the song that was playing on the radio. When we recall the experience, we go into the emotional state present at the time of the experience. Or we go to the emotional place that we make up as most comfortable or rewarding about that experience.

Remember your first kiss? The first time you met someone special to you? The first time you rode a bike? Tasted your favorite food. There were images and similarities that were grounding that experience into your cellular memory. Cues that will trigger the memory and emotion of the experience for the rest of your life.

The thing about emotions though, is they are meant to be transient, mobile and carry us through things. When we transform our emotions to the highest frequency, one of unconditional love, we have integrated our divinity and our humanity. Emotions are not permanent. A lower emotion, fear, anger, frustration, they all become an attachment. Love, possession, desire, they too are attachments. This is how people get caught up in defining who they are by their emotions.

 Emotions have the same properties as water. Stagnant water breeds disease, a raging river is carrying sediment and debris back to the source. The way water cycles through the eco system, a fine and beautiful balance, so emotions must run their course. There can be destruction in their wake, erosion of the establishment, the beauty and majesty of the Grand Canyon would not exist were it not for the power of water.  The goal of water is to get back to sea level, back to source.  

Creative projects can open our selves to the transformation of emotions, an expression via the other senses, vision, music, cooking. The passion of an artist, they are channeling their emotions.

What is your passion? How will you channel your anger, your love, your bliss, your fears? Doing nothing, is a block, it creates a stagnant pool. Nothing can thrive there. The giving life force of water is stopped, open the flood gates, CREATE for the sake of LIVING! This may be the best way to re-ignite an emotion, to shift the current of your being into one of alignment with your soul.

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