Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back online and Unpacking

It is Wednesday and Internet service has been restored. The past two days have been spent unpacking and organizing the kitchen (which still needs some attention) and yesterday finding all of my work related things to prepare for a client presentation tomorrow.

The wall elevations are done, just adding the potential fabrics to my data base and letting ideas solidify. More sketches to follow.

My own window, an eight foot sliding glass door, west exposure and open for the world to see is in desperate need of a window dressing! I plan to order a one way, hand draw drapery rod and make some very casual and informal type draperies to keep the sunlight from damaging furnishings and provide a bit of privacy....

The creative flames have been burning fiercely the past few weeks as I have been thrown into the frenzy of moving. It will be imperative to get things on the schedule to keep the fires of action alive!

Thanks for checking in, new things to report everyday, as inspiration is constant, action, still elusive.. Hoping to get to what I want to be doing soon! Painting and Sewing!

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