Saturday, June 1, 2013

Moving Day... or the start of moving week......

Today we get the keys to the apartment in Roseville. It isn't far from Como Park and I am looking forward to that. Como Park Conservatory is one of my favorite places that I do not frequent nearly enough.
Como Park Conservatory-a place of inspiration

I will miss the little cottage by the river. Although, it has had its challenges. In the past 10 months, it has been home. The next place is going to be less like home than I would like and that may be challenging.. but, an apartment will be more like long term hotel. No shoveling, no lawn mowing. Just focus on me and my business plan and the implementation of it. No attachments.

Before at the Little cottage....
The little cottage living room, a cozy place to be...
The move is happening a month early, but then the whole summer isn't spent 'moving', like last summer. Move out, into storage, float for two months, move in and know it is only for 10 months... and the winter that would never end... so we really didn't enjoy the neighbor hood as much as we had hoped. Walk to the Riverview theater, stop at the coffee shop. Although in the past few weeks we have done that. It would be nice to come back to South Minneapolis and Longfellow, maybe next year, in a little bit bigger place, that can be called HOME.


  1. You really transformed that living room, Shelly! I do hope you return to our neighborhood!

  2. I definitely intend to be back in the neighborhood. There is more purging to do and less distraction in the new place. I plan to have a bit of a sewing space carved out of the living room corner and we will have a dining room table... you all know what that means....


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