Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Life is Good - Right NOW! Being in the Moment.

Just taking a break from packing and moving... what a pain that is. A final last ditch of what am I going to do with THAT? Out it goes.

Finally, now that I know what I want to do when I grow up (that is just around the corner, but I am still committed to having FUN whatever I am doing, explore and create.. ) And maybe a whole other post can be about being all growed up.

Today, I am just grateful for the support I do have. Sure there are a ton of gaps and my life isn't what I want it to be right now, but I have a much more clear idea of where I want it to go. It is up to me to get there. No knight in shining armor on a white horse, no fabulous high paying job making someone else even more money... Just me.

Me, my ideas, my ability to trust (or not) and practice designing and creating my life. With as much practice and dedication as I have put into learning my trade, or design in general (specific) I should be able to master the Art of Living.

I am inspired by my friends, my family, my not friends (I don't have to spend time with someone to admire what they are up to and respect and empower them) even my enemies then, but then are they really enemies? Just because they have something I don't but want... the transformation is when I realized, no one is keeping it from me. Just me and my focus outside of me, keeps what I want at a distance that I keep wanting.

Wanting is over rated, desire, now that has a charge to it! That is the game of choosing and attracting, flirting with whatever the idea that catches my fancy. It is safer game flirting with an idea than a person. People can be so unpredictable.. and then you have to take into consideration what THEY want!

In a perfect world, there is alignment, but the real game is learning to GET in alignment... you or me and often times both...
Me, at Como Park Conservatory a few years ago

My Mom, at Como Park Conservatory a few MORE years ago!

Growing up is a process and not a destination. I am not the same person I was in the photo, neither is my mom. But we are at the core, the goals and dreams are still there, they may unknown in the photos, but the soul leads the way and it always gets what it wants.  It is the divine in all of us, we share it and it belongs to each of us individually. 

I love this picture of my mom. She looks so confident and poised. She said this is about '59?   I wonder what she thought her dreams were then and if any of them came true, or if it was better than she could ever imagine. I will ask her that... the next time we talk. I love my mom!

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