Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekly Update

Life is starting to get a little more relaxed. Well, nothing has really changed, I am realizing I was allowing forces outside of myself to dictate what I focused my attention to and problems that are not mine. At this stage of the game, it isn't necessary for me to put my energy into helping someone else, when I am not doing what I need to for a stable foundation for MY dreams!

Once that realization took hold... I feel a great deal more relaxed. My dreams are big and they have emerged, are still emerging and taking shape. I am taking action, one small step at a time and feeling huge relief. Finally, it is my turn.

Everything is going to be revamped this year. Another year of living transition.. hopefully, in the apartment we have selected. It is clean and a little bigger than the upstairs of our little cottage by the river. More stuff will have to go. I am thinking to talk to my dad about space in his shed for the painted furniture. The stipulation being to set aside a weekend or two to actually get the work done and determine if I am going to keep it or make the treasures available for others by creating an etsy shop. I know what I want to do... the etsy shop sounds like it would be great fun... but I will have to be more organized and more disciplined than I have been and currently am right now.

Taking on more business and having time for my own creative endeavors is essential at this point in my life. I am no longer willing to put aside my own passions for meager pay to forward someone else's dream.

The next transition phase is about creating structures and discipline in all areas of my life.. that is exciting for me on so many levels, as that is the key for MAKING IT HAPPEN!

This blog and Shelly's Design Studio Website are key elements of that structure and discipline. Distractions are to be limited, a great deal more than they have been. I have a purpose and a goal that I intend to fulfill.

The details will follow as progress is made.. in what ever way, shape or form that takes, I welcome you to continue on the journey with me.

It has been a while and I miss the consistency of writing... and sharing with you all...

Until a day in the NEAR future, have a lovely one!

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