Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Starting to Think Creativity again.....

After a pretty slippery week, it slipped by... literally, I am back on track, in a big way. Next Thursday is the day to drop off garage sale items at the Textile Center. Again, I will miss it this year as I have to work every Saturday again.

That will free up some space downstairs and Paula of has invited me over for a sewing day. I am pretty excited about that. Most likely I will make some skirts. She suggested that either I cut and she sew or we work on our own thing. I hadn't thought of production style sewing. But hey, I will give it some thought. I think working on our own thing will be how it goes.

I will gather some fabrics soon. Maybe have some new skirts to wear for spring! Hooray, the sun is coming out again today.

The skirts I have in mind are from Kay Whitt's Sew Serendipity. I have made a couple, they are cute, quick and easy. I am thinking maybe three. I have a plan for some of my scrappy heavier weight cottons. I will show you later.

Have a productive spring day!

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