Monday, March 4, 2013

More Yummy Buttons!

Over the weekend I received a package in the mail. Saturday mail, it was. A letter from my mom and a package from my friend Shelly Ann. (I think we are the only ones allowed to call each other by our full name, as that is how it was when we were kids..both being Shelly's) She's grown up now and goes by Michele. And my mom, well, she looked at me and said, she is definitely a Shelly! Was she ever right on! As a pisces, with a LOT of pisces and a lot of water, Shelly is who I am. But that is not what this post is about names and all...

In the mail, I received several buttons that Shelly Ann's husband found in a box of stuff that he picked up at auction. She had told me over the phone about them and thought I might like them. Oh, was she ever RIGHT!
Detail of the metal buttons with Rhinestones

I have a piece of lavender velvet that would be a really great jacket, I hope I have enough, if not, I will have to track down other fabrics to combine with it.

The magic number Three!
There were also these fabulous reds! Large and small... They are a beautiful red, not too orange, just a nice strawberry Red with a gold line on them. A bit translucent and swirly. I like swirly buttons! They look liquid.
Molten Strawberry Red
Large and small strawberry red
Coat of Arms buttons in bronze

Large metal coat buttons

Stay tuned for Wednesday's post, as I will have more clear information on a big announcement. Just finalizing the details and then I will have something exciting to share!

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  1. Those strawberry buttons are good enough to EAT!


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