Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hiccups in Consistency

Lately, I have been in the habit of posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Vibrant Threads, and on Tuesday, Thursday, I have been posting to the blog on Shelly's Design Studio. This is a great deal of writing and it has been very cathartic and re-energizing for me. I hope people, you, have enjoyed what you have been reading. While some posts don't seem to have anything to do with creativity and sewing, they do for me. The challenges are what keep me from being creative for myself, and discovering that, my friends, is a mystery that I am committed to solving.

It seems that the routine is going to go through a series of hiccups and inconsistencies in the coming weeks. You see, I have just accepted a full time position with Natural Built Home (remember the photo contest?) as their color specialist. I will also be covering floor sales several days a week and scheduling in home color consultations through and on behalf of Natural Built Home in Minneapolis. My first official day was yesterday. (Wednesday, hence no post)

It was great fun working with some customers on color selections and acclimating to the new color palettes. The store only sells non-toxic and NO VOC paint. Between the three lines and the ability to custom match formulas with Mythic paint, I think it will be a fairly easy transition for me to get used to new colors.

A fan of pretty colors!
The three lines of paint are, Mythic, Yolo and AFM Safecoat. The mythic line seems to be the closest to the Benjamin Moore paints that I am quite used to, so I am comfortable that it will be a smooth transition. I just need to order a Mythic fan deck for myself, to add to my collection. I love fan decks. It is like having a box of crayons that won't melt. Then, when a selection is made, you just go get what you need and play... like a kid in a puddle! Yes, sometimes it is that messy! A mess is a sign of true creativity!

Classic Inspiration!
So, this is fair warning that the posts may become a bit erratic, but I promise to do at LEAST one a week. They may be shorter and the photos, may become even less frequent... but I will get the hang of the new routine and work at making the blog entertaining, hopefully inspiring and somewhat empowering. You are not alone if you have a driving passion to create and a feeling of overwhelm as to what to do next.

Take a small step and do something that moves an obstacle out of your way, chips away at it, or at least makes you smile.

In case any of you are wondering, what about Shelly's Design Studio? I will continue to offer design services independently, as well. There are so many details involved in creating a safe, comfortable and beautiful home, I want to be able to offer guidance, service and products that will continue to meet those needs. Each project is unique, each clients needs are different and each home has a different personality, it is important to me to keep the flexibility and availability open and fluid.

If you are in the area, stop in and see me!

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