Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1, the Beginning

The beginning. The source. The first.

Is the beginning when an action is taken? When a desire is realized? or when an inspiration strikes?
Could the beginning be when the last thing was completed? There is an opening, a clearing for anything to come in and to be realized. Focus on the old is not even a memory, all energy has been detached and there is nothing. A void is created.

An emptiness, a weightless, drifting nothingness. Many people fear this. I know it scares the crap out of me! I feel so purposeless and alone. Listless and unmotivated, I begin to search the periphery of the void, looking to the future, there is nothing in the present to ground me and to anchor me as I develop a vision, grasping for a strategy.

Only to realize, the inner workings of my soul are at work here. Knowing that, I am still creating. I am a creative being. The thing is, I don't know what I am creating. My soul knows me well. The conscious creature that I am can and will easily sabotage the unknown into a deep dark pit, wrought with danger and unpleasantries!

Apparently, this is the direction when one is in destruction mode. That sounds so sinister. Not so. Destruction is a necessary part of the cycle of life. It perpetuates creativity, allows for freedom of choice. When something is truly and completely dismantled, the freedom to pursue anything is what is left in that void. (If you find yourself sorting and clearing and purging, you are in destruction mode. It is very difficult to create and to clear, so if you find yourself not being creative, honor the process)

The void is the ultimate creative chamber. You can bring in whatever inspires you, what ever experience you are longing for and create it, attract it, feel what it feels like to live it.

It starts at the solstice, the time when the days begin to lengthen, although the evidence is slight, we know this and begin the task of formulating our 'New Year's Resolutions'. We declare these at  the beginning of the calendar year, sharing them with our friends and family.  January and February are typically the months of the void. The time when we are sweeping out the last of the dust bunnies of the previous year and getting used to the nothingness of the void.

By mid-February, the pressure of the void has really started to get to us. The waiting is excruciating, we can feel the energy, deep in the earth or out in the universe, but it doesn't seem close enough to interact with us yet. It is still in the future. How do we find the inspiration and the motivation to stick to our vision. There is nothing there, except the vision.

And then, about March 1, something stirs, something emerges from our past, the core of who we are, that has anchored us in the ocean of nothingness, the sea where all is sourced. Something shifts, it is not visible, but rather an energy, a life force energy that is rooted in our past endeavors, the seeds we have sown, begin to burst forth from the darkness, reaching the light of their highest potential. Living the dream while growing through the gaps. Life force energy is the most powerful, creative energy in the universe. It is an energy with consciousness and purpose. It expands into experiencing miracles.

About March is when those resolutions that were created from the soul, start to show up, just like the days are obviously getting longer, we are getting glimpses of the promise we made to ourselves, the evidence is showing up. Things are going to be changing my friends. In my life, most likely in yours as well, most definitely on the planet.

Grieve adequately for the past, release the emotions, until it feels you have emptied your soul. Then be still.

When you start to become aware of the stirrings around you, observe them. They are there to help you, to move you gently into the new. Once you open that door, you will be ready for the frenzy of chaos that awaits you. New challenges, opportunities, growth, progress and expansion. It is a full ride we are on at the planetary amusement park called 'EARTH'.  Relish the ups and downs, enjoy the ride!

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