Friday, February 1, 2013

Color and Technology

Yesterday, I spent the entire day creating albums in my iPhoto Library. There are over 3300 photos in there! Things move pretty slow, then there are the photoshop images and bridge images, which I am not even sure how to access.

While I love the results of technology, the learning curve is time consuming. This morning I spent photoshopping a picture of a box of color crayons for a blog post on Shelly's Design Studio. 'My Color Secret'. Check it out if you are so inclined.

The other day, I found how to create my client color palettes in Adobe Illustrator. Now, to find all of the documentation for past projects. There have been some beautiful palettes that I have put together, after a move, a computer upgrade and an email change over, I have no idea where they all are.. Space has always been limited and if a client is inactive for a couple of years, I clear space from my archives. I will be digitally archiving from now on to have access to the information indefinitely.

Color Palettes will be a feature I am thinking to incorporate into Shelly's Design Studio's website.

Now back to my photo library....

Many of the photos I have taken catalog patterns, fabrics, wardrobe and projects in various stages. There is an album of completed work, work in progress, projects and stash.

Stash is materials and supplies that have not been allocated. Some of these, are so inspiring, they may never become something. The beauty of a full width of fabric, in its full repeat or even the pattern made from the repeat, would be compromised it it were cut, folded or manipulated in any way. These are archival pieces. Maybe someday the perfect thing will come along and it will be ready to manifest into its next life.

For now, it is time to clean the kitchen, what a mess!

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