Monday, February 4, 2013

The Sewing 'Collection'

In the midst of my adventures here, I felt like I have been going in circles, moving things from one spot to another, one tote to another, in and out.. but now, I am having a better idea of what is there, and how the collection all fits together. Because that is what it is, a collection. A collection of sewing items. 

Collected, acquired over time due to some inspiration or another. It is now time to look at it and see, what my core desires are with sewing. I must expand and challenge myself. I know this for sure. I had become somewhat bored with just the basics, something took my attention away from it, something had me feel like it wasn't the best use of my time. However, when I sew, apparel especially, I feel more connected to my SELF. Expressed. Like I am doing something for me and no one else.

 I do not like to sew for others, however, I love to share my knowledge and experience of sewing with others.  The clarity is welcome as I begin to take the action of letting it go. Assessment is nearing an end. I know it seems redundant to assess and then go back through it all to purge, but in assessing, I can relate my emotional attachment to each thing in context to the whole collection. It is like trimming off the fat. Some has to remain for flavor...and eventually it gets removed. 

What has made the decision process more clear for me has been:
1: Seeing it all in the big picture, I can more easily identify the 'orphans'. 
2: Determining what it was that inspired me about an item in the first place, then asking myself the following questions:
a. is that inspiration present in another part of the 'collection'?
b. Can it be duplicated or replaced easily? 
c. Is the inspiration dated to another time, another place, an outgrown part of my personality? 

I am applying these questions to my wardrobe as well, and will also apply to patterns. That has been my process. 

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