Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Activity Update

Well, another wednesday, I did not have a blogpost prepared for today, so, it is time to catch up on what has been happening and make a plan for the following month. 

With the launch of Shelly’s Design Studio webpage and blog, sorting buttons, and working downstairs in the studio, the perfect studio plan, is being researched on a subconsious level. It will be time again soon to document what emerges and share. 

I have been writing a color series on the Shelly’s Design Studio Blog. Posting days are Tuesday and Thursdays for Shelly’s Design Studio and MWF for this blog. For now. 

The button sorting activity with my freind has inspired me to go even deeper into the 32 totes of fabric that I have shelved in the basement studio. I have sorted 4 totes to be donated to the Textile Center garage sale which happens in April. I am also going through magazines.. Quilitng magazines at the moment. I am scanning inspirations into my private library, keeping the magazines intact and donating the rest. 

I plan to do this with many of my magazines. With the availability of photo inspiration online and sites like, my need to keep so many magazines, of which are useless without a retrieval system of what I am looking for has greatly diminished. 

I will keep some of my favorites, but, my time has been spent being in action the past week. I will have more to write about soon. 

There is an apron that I cut out, it is a quick sewing project, maybe two hours. I had the perfect pink thread, that I took out of the box to sew with. I don’t know where it is. Apparently, I am to be doing these other things. I have a feeling as I write this, it is already on my sewing machine.. maybe next week. 

Now I am on to plan a design workshop for do it yourself interior design. More on this at another time. 

Have a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow! 

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